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Ayurveda heals naturally

Ayurveda means science of life . It is an art of natural healing, health and rejuvenation.
In Ayurveda body is considered as mini universe, as universe is formed by Air , water and fire and in same way body is formed by air , water and fire.
Diseases in body are due to imbalance of three dosha viz. Vata , pitta and kapha.
By balancing these doshas , one can became healthy.

These are balanced by dietary changes , daily routine and medicines which are based on plants , animals and minerals.
No synthetic substance are used in ayurveda to treat the disease.
Medicines helps to balance the dosha and reverse the disease and body heals naturally by own .

Detoxification (biopurification – panchkarma) therapies detoxify the body and helps to regain the the healthy state of body .
In Ayurveda treatment differs from person to person because everyone has different genome , different prakriti and bala and also seasonal variation or geographic variations changes the treatment.

By following the concepts of Dincharya (Day regime) , Ritu charya ( seasonal regime) and sadvritta one can be healthy and can be free from Non – cuminicable disease i.e Metabolic syndrome , diabetes, hypertension, infertility, stress etc .

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