Night Fall Treatment with Ayurveda

It is pronouced as dreamfall/ wet dream / nocturnal emissions , commonaly know as ( swapna dosh ) according to dr. sukjinder singh yogi ( since 4th generation sexologist specalist ) says it is a mansik vikar or manovikrati of nervous system problems lead to uncontrolled involuntary senses , ejaculate semen in night and day times too. Dr yogis experienced tell us nightfall comprises of so many causes wiz overmastrubation ( hand practise ) , acidity , anxiety , overthinking , indigestion , gas , constipation , malaise ( generalised weakness ) low back ache ,small penis , looseness in testies , hot & red testiest , high culture infections in semen , pus cell & Rbc excess in semen . All these multiple reason are symptoms for night fall problem. Nightfall comprises 70% due to over masturbation hot foods ( pitta prakriti ) ahar vihar aggravates pitta dosha reductive viscosity ( thickness ) of sperm and semen lead to nightfall & spermatorrhoea too. over masturbation result in musculature weakness in penis 3 muscle cant get rich supply of blood flow thus flaccid penis result in major future problem in males to get deaccession to get married.

Dr yogi ayurvedacharya say

It is pronounced as dreamfall/ wet dream / nocturnal emissions , commonalty know as (swapna dosh ) according to Dr yogi says over masturbation and nightfall are directly proportions reason to over masturbation comes from porn /horny stuff videos ,magazines, travelling in a bus/train / any other transport opposite to partner touch , or fragrance enhance libido increase testosterone by 2 or 3 times . Dr yogis say nightfall due to anxiety /anxious behaviour mostly is very early ages around 11 years . mansik sthiti ( mental state ) of individual is very weak . anxious behaviour / problem leads to higher blood flow into penis turn to masturbation . if controlling masturbation leads to nightfall. Dr yogi ayurvedacharya say indigestion ,gas,constipation plays a negative role in production of aam dosha (toxins) in whole body and overheat in body . constipation leads/provoque to 100 problems lack of energy ,shukra kshaya ,yellow semen discharge , fishy smell in clothes , nightfall leads to constipation as sometimes loose stools, shukra dhatu if production of semen is high leads to night fall. Semen in shukra dhatu is 7th dhattu is ayurveda it’s commonly know as MANI power house of body

Generalized underweight /overweight patient are also prone to nightfall dr yogi say kshay rog or overweight (sthoulya) are both term as nindiya rogi both are opposite poles in prakriti need to balance their dosha to avoid nightfall. underweight patient if they are less than 2.5 kg at the time of birth their body mind & physical appearances is not charming, lack of glow mostly feeling weakness full of lethargy, on the other hand overweight patient with family history of overweight issue and over eating of junk food, cold drink ,burger,lack of exercise leads to excess heat / energy in body leads to nightfall .

sexologist dr yogis shared more interesting experience which no one share ever. Looseness in tastiest/hanging of 4 ,5,6,7 finger of testiest due to weak support to testiest of cremators muscles.slow and weak production of sperm and poor ejeculation ejeculates low volume nightfall gives blunder weakness in the body , headache , body stiffness on the other side of coin hot & red testiest givesdiscomfort , irritating behaviour, stress , over heat in the body and mind leads to nightfall .

dr yogi says tight undergarments( v- shape/ frenchi ) generate more heat in pelvis and scrotum area results in nightfall .

Anatomically and physiologically why our testis are outside of our body as they need 2 degree temperature less than body. In pathological condition , infection in urine and semen , higher level of ASAB (virus in testis) are also causative factors for night fall.

In nutshell Dr. yogi sex expert says nightfall is successfully cured in thousand of patients its is not incurable ultimately we have to find the real cause by history taking , nadi pariksha , pulse diagnosis ,self examination ( online consult) or examination by our expert doctors to give you best possible result in minimum possible time . For more info , free feel to call us / online consultation Warm regards yogis Ayurveda .

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