Premature Ejaculation

Myth: Premature ejaculation is a non-curable disease.

Fact: Clinical diagnosis exists for Premature ejaculation, remember Premature ejaculation is not a disease. This is a problem & can be cured with exercise and treatments should be taken under proper guidance.

Myth: If I don’t imagine or think something that’s not hot or sexy, I’ll can continue or last longer

Fact: This is wrong the best and only way to control premature ejaculation is by learning a way to pay more attention towards your health or body, besides less. It’s also see that distraction method work for some persons something but it is also true that its not a solution, as it takes you away from experiencing sexual pleasure which is need most. As people says practice make men perfect so with practice men or women can learn to both experience full sexual pleasure and control ejaculation.

Myth: People generally says that some men are born able to control ejaculation, while others don’t.

Fact: This is totally wrong no person is born with the ability to control ejaculation because this is not something can be inherited from family as I said practice makes man perfect. Persons with early masturbatory experiences and physically sexual experiences with partners helps in controlling ejaculation. Now days people are becoming aware of ejaculatory control, ejaculation is an automatic response like you can say urination, the way to control it is to learn how to do sex with proper posture, diet, exercise and treatment on time.

Myth: It is called that if anyone ejaculate within a few minutes, then it’s know as a premature ejaculator.

Fact: You can’t define premature ejaculator with specific time limit. It is usually defined as premature ejaculation when ejaculation consistently occurs before one or both partners are sexually satisfied.

Myth: Very few persons are able to control ejaculation

Fact: Yes, that’s right we can say that premature ejaculation is the most common reason of male sexual dysfunction. As per to the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS) more than30% of men live with premature ejaculation. Still in our country people don’t talk and discuss about this due to that they survive with it.

Myth: This problem which is known as premature ejaculator can’t be cured

Fact: This is totally wrong premature ejaculator is curable as I mentioned earlier with proper treatment by any sex specialist doctor who have specialisation this. Like in case of Yogis Ayurveda most of the patients able to learn to control ejaculation and have the right treatments with safe therapies.