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Glimpse of sexual health disorders around the world

Sexual health is an important aspect for living a healthy life. There are various types of sexual problem which affects people in different parts of the body. People suffers from these disorder and keep themselves in silence state, they do not utter a single word to other. Almost every sexual problem/disorder is treatable. But people have a feeling that sexual disorder is a curse for their masculinity or maleness. However, it is a disorder which can affect anyone.

Discussing problem with your health specialist doctor provide you with the best solution that what you need to do in that case. Your healthcare professional will listen to your problem and keep it confidential. With the right medication and guidance every sexual disorder can be treated. While Keeping yourself in silence will give the solution but it will ruined your relationships, may lead to situation like divorce,  create a sense of lack of self confidence, loss of self esteem and enhance your stress level. In India or any other part of world people can get affected with various sexual disorders.


Ayurveda provides medicines made from naturally occurring herbs which not only cure the disorder but do cleansing and detoxification of body altogether. Health Specialist Doctor at yogisayurveda clinic offers treatment for all sexual disorder. A number of difficult cases have been solved with the high success rate. A patient suffering from sexual problems including loss of libido, erection problems, sexual disorders, and sexual weakness got treated with ayurvedic medicines within 3 weeks. On observation it was found that within few weeks his testosterone level get higher and prolactin came to normal level. Happiness lies in person’s health. This is what a health specialist doctor do for their patients. Taking a tour to different region of the world to know how other region are affected with sexual health disorder have look at the below mentioned point.


In France there were many cases of divorce are registered in which mostly the common reason is impotency in male partner. As the partner is not satisfied with the other they face problem in their marriage which leads to divorce/separation.

Different region have different disorder common like in Canada women’s common sexual problem is breast cancer. According to a survey done in 2012 22,700 no of cases of breast cancer reported in the country in which 5,100 women dies due to breast cancer. Sexual problems are not just a disorder but it may be lethal in several cases.

Sexual health affects people from all regions and of all ages. Again, Australia is affected with 1 million men’s with the disorder called erectile dysfunction. ED is a common disorder which affects males in every region of the world.

In Russau itself there an estimated value of 90% patients affected with ED. Ayurveda believes in eradication of the diseases or disorder from its root so that the recurrence of the particular disease can be eradicated from the world. Sexual health is directly linked to physical and mental well being of body. And an ayurvedic health specialist doctor can be your best guide to make your fit and strong.

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