venous leakage

Venous leakage

venous leak is an inability to maintain an erection in the presence of sufficient arterial blood flow through the cavernosal arteries of the penis . the defect lies in the excessive drainage of veins in the cavernosal tissue of the penis , which underwines normal erection function . this provides extra ordinary venous drainage from the corpora cavernosa of the penis despite the existence of a rigid erection and fails to inadequately keep blood inside the corporeal chambers to maintain an erection of adequate strength . it is still disputed as to what cause the excessive leakiness that is the characteristic of the condition , however it is mostly through that the defect is in the connective tissue of the "tunica albuginea " surrounding the penile veins. penile veins play a pinotal role in achieves a rigid erection . furthur more covernosogram demonstriate that excessively leaky veins can cause drainage of corpora cavernosa . histological specimens of cavernosal tissue in patient with confirmed veno- occlusive disorder show changes in the structure of collagen and elashin making up theconnective tissue of the penis . in addition other possible causes include psychological stress ,testosterone deficiency, nerutoic deficit , testerogen and chronic sytemic diseases such as diabetes .

sign and symptoms :-

  • Many man with venogenic erectile dysfunction start having trouble with their erections from a
    young age .
  • Common complaints includes a chronic soft erection insufficient for sexual intercourse ,
    position depend erectile rigidly , difficulty achieving erection , difficulty maintaining erection
    within constant manual stimulation loss of penile length and girth , and a soft glans of penis
    during erection that not fully engorged .
signs include :-
  • Erectile dysfunction that is persistent on all occasions where an erection is required, including with a partner and without a partner during masturbation .
  • Loss of quality of morning erection .
  • Loss of quality of spontaneous erections .
  • Multi – treatment resistance to traditional erectile dysfunction medication including sildenafil and cavernously injection therapy.
  • Many of the male patients are not responding to standard medical therapy including P/ES inhibitor , intera cavernosal injection therapy and coil, (embolisation etc), a penile venous stripping seems to be a unique treatment.
  • penile implant sometimes remain . the final solution for those with erectile dysfunction that remain resistant to less invasive treatment .

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