Ayurveda & Sexology

Ayurveda & Sexology

Ayurveda, the science of life deals with energy aspect of life and vajikaran is one of its eight branches being practiced since immemorial. Ayurveda has two aims , protection and promotion of health and cure from diseases. Vajikaran helps in promotion of sexual health and curing sexual diseases. Vajikaran therapy may minimize the occurrence of congenital disorder and it may also boost genetic constitution of the body. Sexual intercourse commonly plays a strong role in human bonding usually being used solely for pleasure and often leading to stronger emotional bonds.

Importance of vajikaran

Vajikaran therapy improve the function of the reproductive organs and vitalize reproductive
tissue increasing semen count and strengthening sperm mobility in men and making eggs more
viable for conception in women. According to charak samhita benefits of vajikaran therapy are :-

  • vajikaran therapy increases the time span of erections anal helps in erectile dysfunction.
  • It also prevents premature ejaculation
  • vajikaran facilitates in reproducing vigorous offspring’s.
  • It stimulates man for sexual acts.
  • It helps the man to co-habit with female without getting tired
  • vajikaran makes females satisfied in sex.
  • vajikaran transform lean, thin(under weight) and impotent males (exceptional cases) into healthy and normal living . Vajikarna upgrade patient mental and physical well being
  • just as tree has many branches , similarly male and female gets much more benifits by use of vajikaran.
  • vajikaran provides “yasha””bala””pushti”to everyone at any age, season/climate
  • It increases the will power , intellect and memory boosting.

Indications for vajikaran preparations:-

  • Age group( Between 14year to 80year)
  • Masturbation and night fall cases starts from 14 year or may be earlier .
  • impotence ( with the exception of hereditary or traumatic impotence).
  • frequent indulgence in sex.
  • Over masturbation
  • Shukra kshay ( oligospermia).
  • Dhanvan (rich).
  • Patients having history of addiction to drugs, medications related to bp sugar and thyroid
  • Excessive use of alcohol and sexual medicines
  • Patient suffering from gynaecomastia , varicocele and any other chronic disorder

Drug used/mentioned in charak sumhita for vajikaran nocturnal emission ( na shukra kshya nishi)

  • Vrishya mamas yoga.

Erectile dysfunction( Na tasya linga shaithiyam syad)

  • Brahmi gutika.
  • Vajikaran ghrit.
  • Vajikarna pind rasa.
  • Vrishya mamsa yoga.
  • Vrishya kukkuta mamsa.
  • Vrishya pippali yoga.

Premature ejaculation ( pasyati na kasharat)

  • Vrishya pippali yoga

Apatyajananam ( infertility or semen abnormality)

  • Shashtikadj gutika
  • Apatyakara swaras.
  • Apatyakara ksheera.
  • Apatay yanaka ksheera.
  • Garbha dharankara yoga.
  • Vrishya puplika yoga.
  • Apatyakara ghrit.

Oligospermia or azoospermia

  • Vajikarna ghrit
  • Shashtikadi gutika.
  • Panch vrishya ksheera.
  • Vrishya mamsa gutika.
  • Vishya mahisha rasa.
  • Vrishya puplika yoga.

Conclusion:- Vajikaran therapy is said to revitalize all the seven dhatus , therefore restore equilibrium and health. keeping in mind the concept of vajikaran as described in ayurvedic texts, it definitely offers a solution to minimize the shukra ( sperm ovum) defect and to ensure a healthy progeny. The vajikaran pistons contentment, nourishment, continuity of progeny and great happiness. the medicine or therapy by which the man becomes capable of sexual intercourse with the women with great strength like a horse which endears him to women and which nourishes the body of the person is known as vajikaran.

Vajikaran chikitsa deals with sexuality. it talks about anatomy , physiology , pathology, diet and medicine involved in sex. there are two man objective normally maintenance and augmentation of sexual potency of a healthy man and creation of healthy offspring, the other is management of disturbed sexual potency and treatment of seminal related disorders in men and gynaecological (unable to concive) in females.

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