Ayurvedic Medicine for Hair Problems

Hair Problems

Hair issues certainly varies from person like hair hall fall, graying of hair, dandruff, alopecia, thinning of hair , dry hairs, factors involving hair problems are changing lifestyle, improper, diet fast foods, food , stress , long illness, long illness, prolonged meditation, anemia, changing hormones and in woman menstrual problem like menopause, use of chemicals , excessive heat can contribute to hair loss, graying of hairs and other problems.

  • Hair loss (Khalitya) : according to ayurveda cause of hair loss is the involvement of vitiated pitta dosha other reasons are hormonal imbalances in men and women ,stress , lack of sleep, improper diet prolonged illness ,intoxicating substances, dandruff or fungal infection diseases like lupus, diabetes, thyroid

Lite course : mild hair fall occasionally itching in head occasionally dandruff mild dry scalp

Brainex+511+15+503+888+4                                 Price: Rs. 1800/week

93 oil. – Rs. 400/week

Medium course : excessive hair fall, regular itching, dandruff, dry scalp

Brainex+511+15+503+111m+4.                                  Price:- Rs.  2700/week

93H oil  – Rs.  400/week

  • Dandruff (darunak) according to ayurveda vitiated vata causes the dandruff it affects the scalp, causes white dry flakes of dead skin cells which sheds from scalp also associated itching dryness of skin without hair loss and numbness of skin is also experienced

Courses : 511+15+7s+13spl+111m

Price: Rs 1900/week+Rs 400/oil(99k)

  • Greying of hair (Palitya) it is caused due to the vitiated pitta dosha hair becomes grey prematurely especially in young adults or before age of 35 nowadays it is common problem most common cause of premature graying of hair is undernourishment which occurs when oil in and around hair follicles decrease production of oil, less production of melanin pigment in body due to excessive use of salt spicy junk food alcohol smoking night life disturb sleep, stress hormonal imbalances anemia chronic constipation, hereditary, thyroid, chronic sinusitis.

Lite course : 511+15+Brainex+111m+4                                            Rs.  2100/week

Medium course : 511+101s+Brainex+111m+4                              Rs.  3100/week

Supreme course : 511+901+15+111m+4+888                              Rs. 3600/week


*shahi Roan e badaam for fat acting result .                 Rs. 1200/week                    

  • Alopecia : Hair loss from the scalp or elsewhere on the body


Alopecia areata :it is believed to be autoimmune condition which cause patchy hair loss it can result in single page or extensive patchy hair loss

COURSE :111/2m+15+4+511+13spl+170B+Brainex+93H Oil

Price: Rs.  3800/week+400/-oil

 Alopecia universalis  : most advanced from ehich result in total loss of all hair on body including eyelashes and eyebrows

Alopecia barbar: it is alopecia areata that is localised to beard area

Androgenic alopecia : also known as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness it is thinning of the hair to an almost transparent state in both men and moman

Male Infertility :there are many causesviz intake of raw onion , papaya, pinkles ,green chillies excessive non veg, eggs ,excessive intake of alcohol, spicy food, junk food , bitter gourd ,  food items made of maida, cold drink

Other causer diabetes , thyroid, overweight, varicocele, hernia, chronic infection, hormonal imbalance, prolonged use of antibiotics, depression, weak immune system these above factors lead to hormonal imbalances in males resulting in hike of female hormones leading to low sperm count pus cells in semen , low volume or morphological defects, low active sperm count, loss of libido, erectional problems.

Lite course : 511+107s+101s+507R+4+103                                  Price: Rs. 5900/week

Medium course  :  511+107B+15+510G+507R                                            Price: Rs. 8600/week

Supreme course : 511+107s+15+111kspl+103+4+901                              Price:- Rs. 10500/week

Oils .

90KD – RS5900

900KDspl –  RS 8600

Female infertility : many causative factor involving female infertility ,PCOD ,PID, fallopian tube blockage, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, thyroid , diabetes , hormonal imbalances, menstrual disorders ovulation problems (menorrhagia dysmenorrhea) overweight

Lite Course : 511+15+Brainex+34D                                                    Price:- Rs. 1600/week

Medium course: 511+15+13spl+Brainex+34D+107B                      Price:- Rs. 2500/week

Supreme course : 511+13spl+Brainex+34D+107B                                          Price:- Rs.  3500/week

Parkinson disease : it is a neurodegenerative disorder which leads to progressive deterioration of motor function due to loss of dopamine producing brain cells cause of disease is unknown but researchers speculated genetic and environment factors are involved

Primary symptoms including tremor stiffness slowness impaired balance and later on shuffling of gait

Secondary symptoms including anxiety depression dementia confusion memory loss constipation difficulty swallowing increase in sweating erectile dysfunction in male skin problems

Most individuals with Parkinson disease are diagnosed when they are 60 year old or above what is early onset of Parkinson disease can also occur.

In ayurveda it is compared with kamp vata. Involvement of vitiated vata Dosha is there in Parkinson.

In most individuals Parkinson disease is idiopathic means its berries sporadically with no known cause however some individual diagnosed with Parkinson’s also having family members with the siease most movement of symptom of Parkinson’s disease are caused by lack of dopamine due to loss of document producing cells in substantially agra ehen amount of dopamine is low communication between substantial nigra and corps stratum become impaired and movement become impaired

Course: 511+Brainex(g)+101s+103+4+111m

*Condition apply

  • Results varies from patient to patient
  • If you have any other problem please do mention
  • Results varies depending on stage of disease/problems
  • Results varies depending on stage of disease/problems

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