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Varicocele is a common disorder of the veins inside the scrotum, the protective sac that protects and holds the testicles (ball). Varicocele is a vasodilation of blood vessels in a cavity or scrotum, termed as varicocele. Impairment in the functioning of valves in them can alter the flow of blood, resulting in the swelling of blood vessels.

For those seeking varicocele treatment by Ayurveda, there are holistic approaches within this ancient system of medicine that aim to address this condition naturally

For those seeking varicocele treatment by Ayurveda, there are holistic approaches within this ancient system of medicine that aim to address this condition naturally

A varicocele is similar to a varicose vein seen in legs .It is usually painless but can sometimes cause testicle pain or pain that may come and go. Mostly it is swelling in them resulting in discomfort or pain, redness , looseness or hanging of scrotum(balls) 3- 4,4-5 to 7 or more up to 9 finger. We have experienced on the basis of examination of the patient by Dr Yogi with his team of doctors.

Varicocele Treatment by Ayurveda

Dr Yogi says varicocele in Ayurveda termed as sira granthi(swelling in veins of sac) it is caused due to vitiation of apana vayu and rakta dhatu. As it is clearly seen that sira granthi form of deformity which has occurred in pampiniform plexus of vein in scrotum, that is vayu sthana especially apana vata.Thus in sira granthi of vrushana kosha(varicocele of scrotum), the main dosa is vayu that we called apana vayu.
Varicocele is also seen in parental tree because it is transfer from one parents to another. You can come on yogis ayurveda clinic in Chandigarh for Varicocele Ayurvedic Treatment.

There are several factor that effects varicocele

  1. Heat & temperature ÷ Low blood circulation causes the temperature of the testis to increase that leads to damage to that sperm and it canal so effect further sperm production causing infertility in men
  2. The patient  should not sit with his leg down , try sitting with crossed leg and also avoid prolong standing
  3. Hormonal imbalance is due to lack of nourishment or blood supply , testicular cells may reduce production of. Testosterone this can trigger physical weakness poor stamina and poor libido
  4. Infertility÷ when varicocele are untreated that inhibits Person to person fertility by degradity sperm quality and sexual well better.There are other factor that affects varicocele like diet, daily lifestyle gyming, nightlife, addiction of narcotic , excess of alcohol, spicy junk food , tight garments and pents, biking excess, sitting job, trauma on testis, excessive intimacy, excess masturbation ,intimacy after gyming , lower back ache , cyst in testis or orchitis.

Varicocele  Sign & Symptoms-:

– Varicocele often produces no sign or Symptoms, Rarely, it might cause pain. The pain can increase with standing or physical exertion especially over long periods.

There is a swelled testicles veins which look like a bag of worms ( bunch of veins).

However a mass on scrotum is noticed and sometime testicles are of diffrent size or develope Varicocele in youth or having problems with fertility and sexual performance   and on physical examination redness and heat with hanging in testicles is also felt.

Varicocele Causes -:

The spermatic cord carries blood to and form testicles. It’s not certain what causes Varicocele. However many experts belives a varicocele form when the value inside the vein in tha cord presently. The resulting backup cause the vein to wider (dilate). The might cause damage to the testicle and result infertility in men.

Varicocele often from during puberty Varicocele usually occur in the left side most likely because of the position of the left testicular vein .


A varicocele might cause Shrinkage of the affected testicles (Atrophy). The bulk of the testies comprises sperm producing tubules. When damaged ,as from Varicocele, the testicle shrinks and soften . It’s not clear what courses the testicles to shrink , but the malfunctioning valves allow blood to pool in veins which can result in increased pressure in the veins and exposure to toxin in the blood that may cause testicular damage

INFERTILITY ÷ Varicocele might keep the local temperature in or around the testicles to high affective sperm formation motility and function

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