Ayurveda and Doshas

Ayurveda teach us and its followers that how to maintain balance & harmony between body & mind. Balanced food habits, herbal treatment, herbal products, proper exercise and meditation are the various techniques with which Ayurveda targets to achieve better life style.

Bottom of this Ayurveda medicine is the prakruti, a particular one of its own type of constitution determined at the moment of conception. A particular person’s prakruti is the particular collection of the 3 life forces or elements (doshas), which handles all type of mental & physical movements; vatapitta &kapha.

Vata is there to take care all processes; Any type of physical movement of parts of our body, any type of mental movement of human mind in the form of thinking & emotions, and the respiration process. Pitta is of one of the element (doshas) which is responsible for digestion of food & absorption of nutrients. It helps human body in digesting feelings & emotions which ultimately transforms them into understanding, comprehension & perception. Kapha provide the human body with built-up, stability, help and power. It helps in increasing memory, lubrication of human body joints, and helps in case of injury of body parts.

Above stated all 3 elements (doshas) are present in different degrees in every human body, mostly 1 or 2 usually predominate. In case of elements (doshas) are in equal amount or fine health is maintained. If doshas in our body not properly balanced, then health problems can occur.

Ayurveda Medicine may help humans in such condition like skin problems, alcohol addictions, Infections, digestion, depression, eating disorders, joint pain, osteoporosis, sinusitis and stress.

This type of Ayurveda medicine motivates the patient to be an active member in his/her own healing, the Ayurveda specialist encourages the patient to be member in & maintain healthy & proper lifestyle. Treatment gets successful when consumer also participates in treatment whether at home, on their own dietary changes. Ayurveda sessions required by patient depends on condition Ayurveda specialist advise during first meeting/session. It was always advisable and good that most of the people continue to use Ayurveda session even after their condition stated to be good just to maintain good health and save themselves from further problems.

Ayurvedic Medicine can be used by people of all ages because its herbal and non allergic to anyone. It is always advisable to search and select an Ayurveda practitioner who is either a member of, or accredited by, an association or professional body.