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In India talking about sex is still a horror dream for anyone due to this very rarely men or women voluntarily admits that they have any sexual disease and they are not able to ask for medical assistance. There are number of factors which results into sexual problems. Some sexual problems can be cured with medicines whether allopathic, ayurvedic or homeopathy but some can be cured with counselling sessions. Most of the sexual problems remains for less time as they are not permanent and they can be cured by short-term medication. With the age men’s sexual power get reduced but in case of women. This condition is both psychological as well as physiological. Psychological problems are due to stress, feelings problems, stress or other related conditions. Various types of sexual problems can be found in men, like erectile dysfunction (ED), benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), loss of interest in sex and reduced timing on bed. Impotency/ ED can be even caused by healing sessions as it’s major cause is hypertension. In scenario of stress, the person is not able to generate or even create an erection. Sugar or diabetes are also a major cause of erectile dysfunction. Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy occurs when the prostate gland enlarges and some of the prostate tissue is replaced with scar-like tissue. The disease mainly results into slow urination and ejaculation. These conditions are very common in India and affects about half of men. Besides these two there are many more conditions that affect men but will not lead to erectile dysfunction. Besides all this, half of the men (over 50%) that have any of the sex problems mainly erectile dysfunction not able to ask for help and as we all know the problem which didn’t get treatment at time can leads to complications. There are various ways with which sex problems in male can be treated. Like by by communicating about problems with your spouse or sex partner, reduction of stress and treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes. If high blood pressure and diabetes are treated on early stage, then later problems with the urinary and sexual function can be avoided. Secret of healthy sexual life for elderly man is that they should sexually active during their middle-age period. Even thinking of not having proper sex is very frightening and embarrassing for everyone and in case of married person it can results into divorce. Large variety of Ayurvedic medicines for sexual problems are available in market. Even a number of sexologists in chandigarhsex specialists are in market to help you in these problems but while choosing any we have to see that which one is certified and experiences as its very delicate matter as well as 100% security should be there. Dr Sukhjinder singh Yogi S/o Late vaid Harbhajan Singh Yogi famous sexologist in chandigarh gives 100% results with full privacy. For any information you can contact him at +91 99140-00365