It is a disease that is defined as the failure of the reproductive system is both males and females followed by inability to conceive pregnancy after 12 month or more of unprotected sex.

Males = in males infertility is he common problem caused followed by :-

  • a) absence or low levels of sperm or abnormal shape
  • b) morphology
  • c) volume
  • d) endocranial problems

Females – in females the reproductive system , infertility may be caused by abnormalities of the ovaries , tubes , uterus  and the endocrine system .

Infertility in females :-

primary :- primary infertility is when a Women has never achieved pregnancy .

secondary :- infertility is when a Women has prior achieved or had a pregnancy


In females reproductive system infertility can be due to following :-

  • a) Fallopian tubes – If the tubes are blocked then the eggs is not able to  reach the required place it can be also due to unsafe abortion.
  • b) Uterus – these are certain abnormalities of the uterus or the inflammatory disorders which hinder pregnancy that are endometriosis presence of functionary endometrial cells outside the uterus .

Congenital abnormalities – such as septate uterus benign unmoors or fibroids.

  •  Disorders of the endocranial gland that effect’s uterus and its activity
  •  Ayurvedic aspect – In ayurveda its assures the pregnancy by proper maintenance of garbha samgraha and normal con
    dition of minds .

INFERTILITY CAUSES IN AYURVEDA – infertility is caused by the vitiated vata dosh agnimandya and stressful mind . In ayurveda due to agnimandya & tridosha dusti blocking the shrotas and producing the toxin are the main  causes of infertility in ayurveda . Dietary management which involves food that promotion ajus formation ojus.

* OJUS – Ojus in ayurveda is the vital energy that rules our immunity , strength and over all nurturing of the body and we should avoid the substances which diminishes the Ojus formation . this is important to regular ovulation and enhance fertilization

Treatment in Ayurveda :-

  1. Again deepane & Aam pachan
  2. vayu anuloman
  3. Langhan ( fasting )

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