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Our All Products are purely Ayurvedic/ Herbal, Non-intoxicant.No Side effects and ISO certified.

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Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Chandigarh, India

Khandani Vaid Sukhjinder Singh Yogi in a world oozing with chemicals, Ayurveda has come as blessing in disguise to the human senses. Bringing back the help in a whole new way is the five generation old family of the yogis,who are into this practice since 1944.

The Ayurvedic solutions were first rendered by Great Grand Father Late Vaidya Bagh Singh Yogi (Mintgumri Wale, from Pakistan) then Vaid Hukam Singh Yogi (Grand Father) then Vaid Harbhajan Singh Yogi (Bhatinda Wale) (Father) All the medicines/course provided under their treatments are ISO 9001 : 2008 certified and ensure no side effects.

The family tradition is now being taken forth by Khandani Vaid Sukhjinder Singh Yogi, who truly beleves that Ayurveda is the secret portion for all the health problems that today's fastpoced world bring along with it. Be it weight-reduction/gain, height increase, Urine-infection, ASAB (help to reduce anti sperm anti body levels) or any other skin or sexual disease.

Vaidya Sukhjinder Singh Yogi facilitates Ayurvedic remedies to all. All the personal data of the patient is kept strictly confidential. Vaidya Sukhjinder Singh Yogi Aims at creating awareness by urging the masses to undergo treatments under specialist recommendations and only go to trustworthy names like thy self. At Vaidya Sukhjinder Singh Yogi Clinic you are promised results with no compromise on other health aspects.

Nothing in this work is improvised, or the product of mere inspiration, it is the result of more than Sixty Five years since (1944) of zealous and patient observation in his daily practice of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines.

Every patient/person has different prakarti of Vat, Pitt and Kaffs. So, result may vary according to the stage 1, 2 , 3 and 4 and chronocity of diseases.

Vaidya Sukhjinder Singh Yogi says 'We do complete examinatin with pulse diagnosis, abdominal checkup (Bell Buttom / Naval Pain / Dharan) checkup with complete history of patients.' Khandani Vaid Sukhjinder Singh Yogi written 'Sehat Samassayavan da hull' (Total Health Care) in Punjabi,Hindi & English which is distributed free of cost across the world to aware about the perfect health & stamina.

1.Ours is a traditional Khandani Vaid profession right from our grand fathers.We do not sell our medicines through others.

2.We provide cure through our medicines which were successfully used, tried and tested by lakhs of our patients during the past several years.

3.We treat those disease only which strikes to our under-standing as per our Khandani Practice & experience otherwise we donot accept the case.

4.It is on this account that our reputation has spread all over the world,Large number of patients residing in Punjab, Haryana , Himachal , Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, U.S., Iran, Iraq, United Kingdom(London), Vancouver, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, Muscat, Kuwait etc. Patients have sent us testimonials of the success of our medicines. We have proofs at our clinic.