Ayurvedic Treatment for Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is serious lung disease which affects your body heavily. The bacteria that cause tuberculosis can spread from one person to another in form of droplets which can infect the other person as well.
It was very common for people to have TB in the last decade but due to advancement in technology and awareness, the spread for it has reduced.

Diet for tuberculosis
Antioxidants, multivitamin and mineral rich fruits and vegetables are recommended to be included in daily diet for speedy recovery from tuberculosis.

Non veg soups chicken / mutton with medicated ghee .
Veg soups of radish, horse gram, chickpea, green gram (moong) or mix soups .

Goat has got more importance in ayurveda to treat TB. Goat milk and goat ghee is highly recommend.

Dates, raisins, jaggery and sugar are useful to provide instant energy.
Sitopaladi churna is the best medicine for TB which is readily available almost everywhere.

Weight loss & weakness is actively present in TB so ayurveda recommends different mansa ras – non veg soups to get back strength faster.
Pure cow ghee or medicated ghee according to digestive power is recommended.

VAMAN therapy is a preventive therapy to avoid such diseases of the respiratory system

This is an ayurvedic herb that acts on multiple system and is very beneficial for health. It aids circulatory, nervous, reproductive, digestive and excretory systems.
It is also used to nourish and cleanse the immune system which is important for the person suffering from tuberculosis. Brahmi purifies the blood and treats majority of symptoms related to TB such as fever, cough and bronchitis.

Garlicresponds to TB effectively and helps in treating nervous, respiratory, digestive, circulatory and reproductive system. Tuberculosis infects the person in almost every area ,garlic helps to stimulate energy in the body with its medicinal properties. It is antiseptic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, carminative and anthelmintic in nature.

Avoid excessive stress, physical exertion and wasting.
Always cover mouth with a mask to protect form infection spread.
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