– Massage is considered a better option to relieve stress and relax the body and the way body is massaged. The problem of not having an erection can also end, while massaging the penis in the wrong way can also cause damage to these things.

– Penis massage is the massage of the penis and its surrounding area, which includes favorable results and the prostate. The purpose of penis massage is not only to reach orgasm but to achieve complete sexual pleasure.

– Penis massage not only relaxes the body but also improves intimacy . Along with reducing stress, there are also benefits of Penis massage. Similarly, there are some other benefits of penis massage as well.

1- Better blood flow
2 – Better Penis Size
And Girth.
3 – Reduce Stress
4 – Bond with partner
5 – Timming.

– Penis massage can be very beneficial for penis and sex life, this massage increases blood flow and also strengthens the relationship between two people.
– Penis Massages Widen blood vessels.

– A regular penis massage with the oil helps open the blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the area. An improved movement of blood in the reproductive area of men will purify the blood vessels

How to Massage Penis – :

– Gently relax the penis by first massaging the penis oil on the surrounding pelvic region.
– Massaging the penis can be highly effective in tight foreskin penis treatment as well. Many men face this condition, also referred to as Phimosis.

– The Snake Charmer – :

– Use the thumb and index finger to form a circle around the testes with one hand and gently tug them downwards. Wrap the other hand around the shaft and smother excess oil from base to tip.

The Acupressure Stretch – :

– Use the thumb and forefinger of each hand, clamp the centre of the penis with either hand. Move gradually in opposite directions to provide a deep stretch. Repeat this with various pressures and speeds.

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