Benefits Of Ajwain in Ayurveda



There are numerous plants that are available all over the globe. Each and every plant has its own importance as well as therapeutic value. We all know ajwain as a kitchen ingredient and botanically this plant is trachyspermum ammi and belongs to family apiaceae. This is an annual herbaceous plant and has an important place in Ayurveda. This plant is found in Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India as well as in some European regions. This plant is widely grown in arid or semi- arid regions. It has an erect and glabrous stem. This plant grows up to 80-90cm in height. Fruit of ajwain has both medicinal and nutritional properties. This plant is grown between October to November and harvested in May-June.  Ajwain has a presence of essential oil.


Phytoconstituents of ajwain

It contains fiber, carbohydrates, tannins, glycosides, proteins, saponins, phosphorous, flavones, iron, cobalt, copper, iodine, manganese, thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, essential oil, carvacrol, carvone, limonene, thymol, cymine etc.


Pharmacological properties

  1. Analgesic activity

It is said that ajwain has good analgesic activity. In research it is said that presence of essential oil in ajwain helps to reduce the pain.

  1. Antibacterial activity

Aqueous and acetone extract of ajwain has a good effect against E. coli, S. aureus, S. flexneri, k. pneumonia etc. presence of thymol and carvacrol has good effect against above bacteria.

  1. Anti platelet activity

Ethanolic extract of ajwain has inhibited the platelet aggregation which is induced by collagen, epinephrine and arachidonic acid.

  1. Diuretic and Antiurolithiatic activity

Extract of ajwain helps to increase the formation of urine as well as it also has a good effect against calcium oxalate crystals. It removes the stone through urine.

  1. Antiviral activity

In studies it is revealed that methanolic extract of ajwain showed significant inhibitory effect on hepatitis c virus protease.

  1. Hepatoprotective activity

Ajwain is a very good drug for liver. In research it is mentioned that it has 80% protective effect on liver which is damaged by regular intake of paracetamol. It has also a good effect against ccl4 induced prolongation.

  1. Antiulcer activity

In many studies it is said that ajwain has good effect in all ulcer induced models. It helps to lower the ulcers.

  1. Digestive activity

Traditionally ajwain is used as a digestive stimulant. Ajwain increases the secretion of gastric acid, bile acid and the activity of digestive enzymes. It also reduces the stomach pain.

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