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If you are among those who are confused about the selection of treatment for their urinary disorder, you’ve come to the right place. Stuck in the dilemma of which treatment is better and who can recognize your problem correctly? For healthy recovery, this blog is a must-read. Especially if you’re confused about choosing the best urologist in Chandigarh, this information is essential. Explore the advantages of Ayurveda over conventional treatments, contributing to its increasing popularity. Your urinary system’s well-being is crucial, and Ayurvedic medicines are formulated to help restore normalcy. For top-rated urologist services in Chandigarh and urological consultations, trust in the expertise provided here

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As per ayurveda urinary tract infection occurs due to imbalance of doshas which is pitta dosha. Along with the diagnosis of the disease by the best urologist in Chandigarh, they offers the ayurvedic remedy to the ailments like Herbal medicines which are made from the naturally occurring substances that helps to treat the disorder successfully. Medicines works to balance the pitta dosha in body and
thus infection is treated. Urinary tract infection is more common in women as compared to men. The basic reason behind this is the size of urethra, female urethra is shorter than males.

However pregnant women are more prone to this type of infection and leads to several defects in baby and also trouble to mother. Pregnant women should be aware and careful about the urinary tract infections and should take precaution to prevent its spread. The causative microorganism of this type of infection is Klebsiella, Enterococcus, Staphylococcus and proteus. However, some bacteria are transmitted sexually and affect urinary tract which includes Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoea. The most common bacteria responsible for causing urinary tract infection is E.coli. It normally resides inside colon and around the anus.  Sometimes it reaches urinary tract through urethra and proliferates inside and causes itching and other serious problems. The basic media for the entry of this bacterium occurs due to intercourse or improper wiping. Usually bacteria gets flushes out as the person urinate but if it is present in large number its spread cannot be controlled by urinating. As it grows in bladder it moves further to ureter and further it may reach to kidney if not treated.

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To prevent the spread of bacteria inside patient’s body there is need to reach the best urologist in Chandigarh who can understand the problem and provide effective treatment. Yogis ayurveda offers ayurvedic medicines for the urinary tract infections. If the problem is mild Lite course are offered while for serious problems Medium course is offered while in chronic cases Supreme course of the
medicines are recommended. Ayurvedic experts at the clinic diagnose the patient by nadii prakashan which is one of the oldest method practices in ayurvedic medical checkups. It helps to diagnose the problem of the patient who suffering from this infection. Ayurveda provides protection to the whole body part instead focussing at one point. The ayurvedic medicines have the potential to boost patient’s immune system so that the person can fight against the disease and get back to normal life. Ayurveda and ayurvedic experts
practices for the well being of human body and creating a healthy society.

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The ayurvedic medicines are made from the selected naturally occurring substance having potential to treat the ailments. Ayurveda is the oldest method of treatment that we used from onset of humanity. Treatment of the disorders is started with the help of ayurvedic medicines. But, with the arrival of other sources of treatment for sometimes we forgot the importance of ayurveda. However, ayurveda is a boon for us and we are using such real natural ingredient that is capable to treat disorders without investing bulk of bucks and facing severe pain. Now, again as the other sources of treatment do not qualify for the qualities of what ayurveda provides to us we move towards the ayurveda again which is a very good example of the proverb ‘History repeats itself’ and shows a very good results.  It helps in the recovery of body strength to fight against the various problems and diseases. Urinary system is also an integral part of the human body system which can be treated easily after contacting best urologist in Chandigarh.

Some of the urinary disorders are so serious that if left untreated it creates problem to the other part of the body. Here presenting some of the common urological problems that occurs in human body

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

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