Best Sex Specialist Doctor in Chandigarh

Best Sex Specialist Doctor in Chandigarh – Sexual problem is a private concern & sensitive issue everyone feel shy or insecure talking/discussing about sexual problems. Searching for best sexologist with proven result & efficacy is not a big issue now days. Consulting best sexologist with vast experience & assured result would make your dream come true leads a healthy sexual life. To find out the root cause of sexual problem, it involves full history taking of the patient, Pulse reading, Artenial examination of penies & testical examination by the expert doctor. If the examination & other parameters are done seriously the doctor will give you best possible treatment in minimum time. Sexual problem is not treated by a single medicine nor a single test (eg :-testosterone) basically sexual act is involvement of heart , Brain , Thoughts & Muscular activity so treatment for the sexual problems depends deeply on every single aspect. Sexual problem arises due to weak blood flow or poor blood supply to genital organs which reduces libido to reach the climax.

Best Sex Specialist Doctor in Chandigarh

Best Ayurvedic Sex specialist Doctor

In Ayurveda sexual problem are mainly due to vayu & pitta doshas which reduces the strength in our urogenital system in males & females. Sexual problem could be due to trauma (accident) , infections , virudh aharvihaar , Ratri Jagran (night shift), diwa swapna( day sleep ) , chronic weaknesses , hereditary sexual weaknesses , anti cancerous drugs.
In Ayurveda  we r serving since 4  generations.
We have successfully satisfied patients till 74 yrs age  .
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Serving  since 4 generations to keep every one healthy.
We have satisfied patient from  5  to.94 yrs age with clinical evidences
Our all treatment are pure herbal safe
Us FDA approved GMP certified halal approved is certified IEC  approved
In nut shell consulting best sexologist need to be enough experienced & best in expertise to treat
you in best possible time. For more info felt free to write us.
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