Whether you avoid eating health hazardous foods or spend thousands of penny on purifying your body from harmful toxins, a detoxification unit is always required to keep your body healthy and free from the health hazardous factors. And the good news is that a detoxification system is always working inside our body. This cleaning function is performed by our liver. Our body have everything what is required for a healthy living system. But, it is not designed to tackle health problems occurring in this present scenario. In today’s life it is not only the food and drink that we eat are contaminated but the air we breathe is also filled with harmful pollutant that causes serious health problems. In the current year (2016) itself after deepawali the pollutant percent in air is found much above the safety measures. Its reaches to such an extent that it hampers sunlight entering the earth surface in regions of Delhi, NCR. Under such circumstance it is required to have a detox system in our body which prevents us from its harmful effects or to avoid intake of toxin substances to keep body free from toxins. Herbal medicines are designed to provide a supporting system to detox organ system. It helps to give rest to the organ and then rejuvenate it to perform a better function.

What does detoxification means?

These medicines are available in different courses as per the chronocity of the problem. As per the severity of the illness the medicines are available in lite, medium and platinum courses. Along with the medication it is required that the patient should take care of their living habit also like intake of smog, car exhaust, pollutants coming from factories. Along with the medicines some nutrients may also helps to boost the working of the detoxification system. A healthy eating habit always help to keep your body rejuvenated to treat any problem and have maintains a strong detoxification system. Our body has a self regulatory mechanism which helps to treat any health disorder of its own if it is working efficiently.

When you are under the effect of toxins following symptoms may be found in patients:

  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Headaches
  • Low energy
  • Brain fog
  • Skin rashes
  • Weight gain and hormonal imbalance

Yogisayurveda clinic is one of the trusted and recommended health care centres for thousands of patients to get an easy recovery from the health ailments like detoxification without any side effects. Ayurveda deals in curing problem from its roots so that the recurrence of the problem can be prevented.  A step towards creating a clean and toxin free atmosphere is also required to keep the society free from this health hazardous contaminants. So for next time when you burn crackers remember you do not create problem for yourself and your loved ones. Celebrate your festival with lights and cleanliness rather than creating a health hazardous situation for all.

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