Best Urologist Doctor in Ludhiana

Best Urologist Doctor in Ludhiana

urologist Doctor in LudhianaUrologist Doctor in Ludhiana – Cleanliness and hygiene plays an important role in keeping us healthy and prevent us from the attack of harmful diseases. Just like, we take bath to keep our body fresh and healthy our private parts also need to be kept clean and healthy. Hygiene is essential to keep urinary system healthy. Unhygienic condition leads to urinary tract infection. Most of the time it gets treated itself with the time along with mild medication and keeping it clean. However, if UTI left untreated it leads to severe health problems. So, it is essential to keep urinary tract clean along with the consultation of Best Urologist Doctor in Ludhiana to cure the problem. To cure Urinary tract infection one need to incorporate following habits in his life also.

  • The primary habit is to drink plenty of water and keep the bladder full. As the excretion of urine is directly related to the removal of toxins from the body.
  • Incorporate more vitamin C in your diet which imparts to a healthy urinary tract
  • During infection if pain occurs apply heating pain on the area, which gives relive in pain. However, the application of heat needs careful handling. Do not apply heat directly on skin. Always keep the temperature low to prevent burning of skin. Do not keep the heating pads for more than 15 minute. Exceeding the limited time may leads to burning sensation. So immediate consultation with the Urologist Doctor in Ludhiana is a good decision to get rid of UTIs.
  • Ignore bladder irritants food items which include
    • Spicy food
    • Tea & coffee
    • Carbonated drinks
    • Alcohol
    • Acidic fruits like oranges, grapes, and lemons
    • Fruit juices
    • Chocolates
    • Tomato-based products
  • Empty bladder as much as you have the urge to pee in a day
  • Use ayurvedic medicines and herbal products. Ayurvedic products have no side effect and are safe to use. Yogisayurveda provides ayurvedic medicines in various doses as per the proximity of the disorder and these doses include medium, lite and supreme doses.

How poor hygienic condition causes urinary tract infection?

Lack of cleanliness allows bacteria like E.coli, chlamydia and other microbes to grow in urinary tract and this further leads to infection in urethra and urinary tract. With poor hygiene and certain other condition causes blockage of urinary tract, which lead to pain during urination.

Sex is also a common reason behind UTIs in women. During intercourse bacteria get enter into women’s vagina and frequent intercourse also increases the change of UTI development in women.  This is the reason why UTI is also called as “honeymoon cystitis”. To minimize the probability of getting infection during intercourse it is recommended to empty bladder soon after intercourse as it may help to excrete out the infectious agents through urine.

UTIs are more common in females as compared to males. This is because female’s urethra is very close to vagina and anus, which is further, comes in direct contact to the external environment. Mild infection gets treated of its own with the time. While severe infection needs ayurvedic medicines and guidance of Urologist Doctor in Ludhiana to treat urinary tract infection.



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