Nocturnal emission is a common problem in men which is not confined to a particular age group it occurs in all ages group. When nightfalls are frequent then only men look for treatment. Nightfalls are not troublesome if it is not frequent.

In some cases excessive nightfalls may lead to problem in relationship with their partner. When emission occurs more than few times in a week or month, it needs to be treated. Herbal medicines are the best for the treatment of nocturnal emission. It helps in the treatment of the disorder and also prevents the occurrence of other associated health risk.


Most of the time men are hesitant to discuss their problem with others which leads to the increase in the severity of the disorder. However, discussing the problem with others may help them getting back to normal life. Experienced vaids help you to give the best solution for the disorder. As ayurveda works in finding the root cause of the problem it also treat the problem from its root.

Causes of nightfalls are:

  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Weak semen
  • Intake of raw onion, papaya shake, green chillies, etc.

Finding of pulse reading reveals patient’s sufferings which include constipation, smelly discharge, pain in testis, weakness and much more after having nightfall.  These medications are available in three courses which includes lite, medium, supreme and platinum.

Along with the medication a slight change in men’s daily routine is also required. A good sleep, hydrated body, healthy foods are essentials to get the best result. Yogisayurveda health professional provides the consultation on the diet required to keep the body healthy. Processed sugar and fats are considered to be unsafe for healthy body so it needs to be stopped as soon as possible. Keeping mind and body in relaxing situation helps to have a sound sleep and reduces nocturnal emission. Taking hot bath in evening may help to relax your body one can also add a few drops of sandalwood oil, lavender or German chamomile oil, to reduce the frequency of nocturnal emission.

Consultation form the doctors will give you the right way to the treatment of the nightfall problem. Sex disorder treatment clinic Chandigarh offer the natural and effective solution for the treatment of any sex related disorder. Sexual disorders sometimes lead to the problem in marriage life so it is better to resolve the health problem before any problem arise in your life.

Note: According to stages of patients some test are recommended and quick questionnaire is required by patients.

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