Rejuvenate Mind Soul Ayurveda –  Ayurveda is ancient and provides cure to the various health ailments. The major role of ayurveda in is to provides protection to body to fight against diseases and slow down the aging process. In one word ‘Rejuvenation’ is the term which can best describe what ayurveda do in our life.

The medicines produced from the herbs and jadibutis gives the power to enhance immunity of the body to fight against harmful pathogens. According to ayurveda Rasayan provides complete nourishment for growth and functioning of the body. Rejuvenation specifically refers to slow down aging process and making one feel young and energetic. To get rejuvenated rasayan therapy is required. Ayurveda comprises of many branches where rasayan forms the eight branch of ayurveda. The word comprises of two individual term rasa and ayana where rasa refers to juice, essence, emotion etc and ayana refers to path. Rasayan helps person to restore its spirit and vitality and thus enhances his/her life expectancy. Longetivity is attained after rejuvenating the body. Ayurveda clearly says that rejuvenation increases life span of a person to many years. Rasayan therapy is recommended for elderly, pregnant women, post partum, for children, those who are convalescents, debilitated, nervous exhaustion, emaciated, for anaemia, and Vata conditions.

Panchkarma is the ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy which help to detoxify body and cleans the impurities so that the person feel young and rejuvenated with new energy and soul. In today’s environment our life is so much stressed out that we forget to smile everyday. Happiness is the real medicine of a disorder. If you feel happy you can fight against the disease. And, for being happy you require a healthy mind and soul residing inside body.
Some of the benefits of rejuvenation are listed below

• Keep you feel young and agile
• Preserve health and increases ife span.
• Enhances mental capability along with physical power as well
• Adds a healthy glow to skin and improves complexion as rasayans contains antioxidants
• Enhance immunity of body to fight against diseases
• Enhances functioning of sense organs

To get the right consultation of the rasayan yogisayurveda clinic is available to serve people of all ages coming from any caste or creed. The vaidya offering consultation and medication at clinic are highly experienced and have been serving patient with the ayurvedic treatment since decades back. The medicines are available under different courses depending on the severity and chronocity of the problem. These medicines are available in lite, medium, supreme gold and platinum courses which is provided to patients as per the level or stages of the disorder.

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