Male hormonal balance Supreme Course (Week)


Supreme Course Price:- ₹ 8600/week

Shipping (For Abroad) : $40 (upto 1/2 Kg)
Shipping (For Abroad) : $15 (For Extra)
In India Rs.200 (Speedpost/Courier)
Cash On Delivery Charges in Metro Cities: $6

*Condition apply

  1. Result varies from patient to patient
  2. Result varies with weight loss and inch loss
  3. Result varies depending on stage of disease/problems
  4. If you have any other problem or disease please do mention


Role of Hormones in Sexual life.

Imbalance in hormones can lead to sexual dysfunction. Lower leave of testosterone that is free and total higher levels of LH, FSH, E2 and prolactin hormones in male, low levels of prolactin exception some time.

Andropause is a medical condition in men similar to Menopause in women it is hormonal deficiency state of testosterone which leads to sexual dysfunction, the problem in erection and in sexual pleasure.

Excessive intake of stimulants viz. onion, green chilies, namkeens, tobacco, smoking, alcohol etc lead to an increase in female hormones in males.

Petrochemicals cause high levels of estrogen which cause an imbalance of male hormones, especially for the decline in testosterone. This problem is referred as estrogen dominance it shows symptoms such as enlarged prostate, urinary difficulties, low sex drive, impotence, diabetes, allergies, fatigue, infertility, depression, a rapid increase in weight and osteoporosis.

Testosterone production is prompted bye hormone called luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone helps produce the actual sperm. So they are no levels can harm your sexual life and reproductive capabilities

Men with low prolactin levels something have more issues with sexual health as well as psychological health while men with lower than average levels of prolactin although still within the normal range reporting that the sexual issues were getting worse.

Male hormonal balance is critical for long-term health and wellness

Important Notes

1. All our products are self-patent.
2. All our products/Medicine work at microcirculatory channels to give better bioavailability.
3. Results vary from patient to patient.
4. Cost and duration of treatment vary from patient to patient.
5. None of our medicines are intoxicants nor harmful. These can be taken in any season/country/age. These are purely Ayurvedic/Herbal.
6. Our head office is at Chandigarh only. Beware of imitators using an identical name, number & photo.
7. For any query just fill Questioner on our site. We will revert you soon or you may e-mail/call us.


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