Male & Female Sexual Problem

Sexual wellness is an integral part of body for both male and female partners.  Just like, you need a physically fit body similarly sexual health must be good for every person.  Any sex related problem may affect both your mental and physical state. So, if you are facing any sexual problem you must discuss with a physician to get the best solution or treatment.

Most of the time people are hesitant to discuss about their problems. There is nothing to get embarrassed and shy, if you keep your problem confined with you the problem cannot be resolved. The person must discuss about their difficult they face during establishing a sexual relation. Anybody can get affected with a disease it is not under our wish or control so; there is nothing to feel awkward or bad about yourself. Thankfully ayurveda offers solution to most of the male sexual problems/female sexual problems. The problems can be treated naturally under the guidance of experienced and known medical professional. A change in the lifestyle along with the medicines will help in an easy and fast recovery.

For sexual performance various parts of body are involved and it is required that each part work in coordination to arise the sexual desire. Hormonal and neurological system must be in sync to allow sexual activity.

Mostly Male sexual problems are erectile dysfunction, excessive losseness in scrotum/testis, pre mature ejaculations, sex weakness, higher level of anti sperm antibodies, weak/low growth of male organ, gynecomastia, and spermattorhoea/dhatt.

Harmones plays an important role in keeping your sexual life fit and healthy. A mere abnormal function of the secretary glands may lead to affect your sexual health which ultimately leads to the problems in marriage. The sexual cycle works under four phases which involves excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Any problem in any of the phase prevents the couple to satisfy their sexual desire. A sense of dis-satisfaction from the partner will lead to the unhealthy relation.

Commonly found Female sexual problems are lack of amnorrhea, tubal function, , dysemenorrhoea, painful periods, metrorrhgia, and chronic leucorrhaea.

To treat female sexual problems mostly the person go for a natural solution which prevents them from the pain of surgery and consumption of drugs that may have side effects. Ayurvedic medicines are made from herbs and jadibutis which helps to clean and purifies the body internally and rejuvenate the system which make you feel fresh, young and healthy. These medicines have no side effects thus it is safe to use.

  • ED (Erectile dysfunction)
  • Sex Weakness Due to Hormonal imbalance
  • Excessive Losseness in Scrotum/Testis
  • Higher level of ASAB (Anti sperm antibodies)
  • PME (Pre mature ejaculations)
  • Sex weakness Due to drug additions
  • Lower levels of Testostrone Free and total
  • Gynecomastia
  • Sex weakness due to diabities
  • Higher levels of L.H., F.S.H., E2 & Prolectin Hormones (in males)
  • Excessive Night Falls.
  • Spermattorhoea/Dhatt
  • Over Weight
  • Weak/Low Growth of male Organ
  • Promotion of Sexual Health
  • Sexless Marriages

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