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Ayurvedic Skin Products Online – Your face is the reflection of your internal system. Your thoughts and any type of disorder express on your face. Thus, to get a clean and clear skin one must first clear himself from within. As, what is inside expresses outside. Ayurveda strongly believes in this and thus, cleans the body from within to give a glowing and healthy skin. Nowadays, availability to buy Ayurvedic skin care products online at low prices makes your work easy and simple.

Skin is affected with three types of dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Vata refers to the thin wrinkles and dry pores, Pitta refers to the breakouts, rashes which arises due to hormonal imbalance. And, Kalpha is the large pores that cause pimples, blackhead, and eczema.

Resolving all three dosha is the important aspect of getting a beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. During summer it is essential to balance Pitta dosha.

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For dry skin it is better to massage with coconut oil. As coconut oil has a cooling effect. It can be alternate with ghee, which also helps to moisturize the skin. While for oily skin people uses chickpea, which is the most suitable option as it absorbs oil and gives a healthy look to skin. Chickpea helps in absorbing the oil from areas which includes face, chest and back. However, yogisayurveda clinic offers to buy Ayurvedic skin care products online at low prices where you only need is to tell the problem and rest will be done by the medical professionals.

Sugar is also a good exfoliating agent which provides cooling effect to the skin. Lips massage with sugar mixed with ghee is the best to give soft and healthy lips. It can be used as scrub when mixed with rose petals, bhringraj and slippery elm. The scrub removes the dead skin cell giving the place and opportunity for the new cells to grow.

Raw milk acts as a very good toner to clean pores and makes your skin look younger and healthy. It has a cooling effect as well which give relief to the irritated or inflamed skin. Adding milk or cream to the daily routine helps to soften and moistens your skin. You can visit our website for Ayurvedic Skin Products Online.

Neem oil has been mentioned in ancient books for treating spots. Its effectiveness can be seen after applying it overnight.

As per the ancient book Charaka Samhita, abhyanga is a natural moistuirizer which helps to clean dosha and rejuvenate body with a glowing and fair complexion. Now, with the help of technology one can buy Ayurvedic skin care products online at low prices from different trusted websites like The products are available in Skin Care Course Lite and Skin Care Course Medium to treat the problem depending on its stage and severity.

  • Blacking of Skin
  • Excessive sweating
  • Facial allergies/infection
  • Dermatitis
  • Pruritis
  • Eczema
  • Psoarisis
  • Pricking Pain in Wholebody
  • Lack of facial glow
  • Chronic skin Allergies
  • Leucoderma

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