How To Increase Low Sperm Count

By lifestyle choices, we mean to include things like drinking alcohol, taking some drugs, smoking and excessive caffeine intake. All these factors can cause low sperm motility, and reduction in male sperm production.

Other causes of low sperm count include sickness from a long time like kidney failure, chromosome, or hormone problems like low testosterone and more. Certain childhood infections like mumps can also cause spermatozoa count to diminish.

To summarise, here is a list of top 10 factors that may cause oligospermia is men:

• Hormone anomaly, including hypogonadism

• Born with un-descended testicles

• Impaired sperm tubes due to trauma or illness

• Running in the family

• Genital issues

• Testicle surgery

• Over-intake of alcohol

• Excessive smoking

• Substance abuse

• Exposure to certain medications

• Prolonged illness

• Diabetes

• Trauma to the testicles

• Blocked vas deference.



Here are some natural herbs to boost your sperm count:


Ashwagandha is known as “Indian Ginseng”, and has been used for many years as an adaptogen in Ayurvedic medicine. It is useful to combat stress, fatigue. Ashwagandha root has also been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac and helps to increase the secretion of testosterone in humans, thus it helps to increase sperm count and quality of your sperm


It is an excellent herb known for its aphrodisiac and rejuvenating properties. It is a potent spermatogenic medicine. The root is useful for increasing the seminal qualities due to its ability to increase sperm count as well as it is known for medicine to improve sperm motility. It additionally possesses antianxiety and anti-stress properties which are vital in the male infertility treatment.


It is mentioned as an aphrodisiac and also used in almost all prescriptions, along with other drugs, to treat the low sperm count condition. It can increase the testosterone and it has also been proved to be active in stimulating spermatogenesis, thus it helps to increase sperm count.


It is considered as “white gold” in Indian system of Ayurveda. The root extract prevents impairment in sperm characteristics and morphology via preventing elevation of oxidative stress, apoptosis and free radicals levels of the sperm in many disease conditions like diabetes. These effects may be achieved through maintaining sperm antioxidant level which could be related to free radical scavenging activity of the root extract.


Commonly known as ‘cowhage plant’ or ‘kapikacho’ or ‘kevach’. It is the most popular drug in the Ayurvedic system of medicine, used for male infertility treatment. Kapikachchhu seed powder helps in some way against stress, it increases secretion of semen and it acts as a restorative and aphrodisiac.


Amalaki mitigates the fluctuation in sperm count and sperm motility as well as it elevates the level of testosterone. It exhibits a significant reduction in the frequency of sperm-head abnormalities and plays a key role in inhibition of heavy metal mutagenesis and prevents testicular damage.

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