Honeymoon is most precious period of life start from day of wedding at 1 st Night by a couple to intimate making every moment rememberable, especially by expressions, erotic postures to seduce to each-other slowly and gradually seems like expectation of heavy rain on drought land.

Starting from the day of first meeting to the wedding day the bride and groom are surrounded by the relatives, friends and their well wishers. They are unable to talk to each other. Before getting into a relation it is required that the people must understand each other’s feeling, thought, likes and dislikes. For lifelong togetherness couple need some time to spend together so that they can plans their future and can share their past. Both of them must know each other’s strength and weakness. Honeymoon is the best time when they can spend time with each other without any disturbance or anyone’s interference.

On ending of wedding occasion there are so many doubts, thoughts roaming in couples mind which make them nervous how to establish love in their relationship and to ease comfort zone to start their physically intimacy.

Taking a step ahead towards wedding night room curiosity to meet your loved one, who is your other half. Fragrance and decoration of flowers all around, aromatic and romantic feel to enhance your moments bringing close to your partner.

Ray of shine in eyes lite smile on her face that the first special moments of wedding life. Getting closer to her undressing, her slowly, kissing on her forehead, neck and lips to give her comfort of real partner rather than handling her hastly seducing each-other getting closer nudely touching, kissing, and holding private parts of each-other continues eyes contacts seduce your moments to understand your partner feelings. Couples want to make their honeymoon a rememberable experience, which they cherish throughout their life. A single mistake or an problem can spoil this precious time period. The bride and the groom prepare themselves for this period before their marriages and have many expectations from each other. May be a single mistake or a problem can spoil this precious period. So, it is better to get prepared before any problem arise.

On the fate of romance 10% men ejaculates/discharge before penetration in to her vagina 70% of men ejaculates after 15 to 20 strokes of insertion and then try to restart for next intimacy this period is really and embarrasy moment for a female partner as she expecting smooth intimacy to relax her desire, expectations of sex life to break her virginity. BUT early ejaculation of these men embarres them also as they might be unaware of pre mature ejaculation problem before marriage as they might be virgin.

Our Special formulation of ancient herbs and Khustas for those men whose discharge or ejaculate/premature ejaculations, unable to even penetrate their organ to break her virginity.

Our special formulation enhance your senses boost your sex organs, rejuvinate and tone your body skin, presenting a glow on your face which enhance your confidence level by increase number of erection and volume of semen. Due to our rigorous research and advance formulations from last seven decades of Clinton experiencen our special Honeymoon courses

our formulated and process with Kashmiri saffron another and other precious herbs to give you special feel.

Ayurvedic medicines are naturally made so that they do not harm the organ. The medicines are made after several experimentation and rigorous research for its effectiveness. These are meant to gain your confidence and help to rejuvenate your body. With ayurveda you can stay healthy and feel young.

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