Every couple wants to have love in their life. Men want to make their partner feel loved and more joy on bed. They wants to stay for long on bed without reaching early ejaculation. Most of the men suffers from this type disorder and feel embaraased when they ejaculate early. Sometimes it creates awkward situation like when ejaculation takes place outside female body instead of ejaculation in the vagina. Ayurvedic medicines help to increase sexual stamina and have a more enjoyable time on bed. Here discussing some effective way to tackle with the problem

Masturbate: Yes it works. Self-stimulation works to have a better sexual response.  It can be done in such a way that you control your stimulation upto an extent and then again arouse yourself to an extent. For example measure your excitement on a scale of 10. Name state 1 as nonarosousal state and then steadily increase the level as you reaches 8 stop your stimulation. Now bring yourself back slowly from one level to another level as the level 4 is reached now stop and start stimulation again with the same pace. Repeat the process which help your to keep a control of yourself. It help you at the time of intercourse you can now enjoy more time with your partner getting intimate, touching each other, kissing and holding prior you reach the orgasm. It helps in doing the intercourse in a relaxing and comfortable manner which increase sexual stamina.  

Foreplay: Couple can increase their time on bed by doing foreplay, manual stimulation, and oral sex. But do not keep it for long so that it will lead to stress rather than making your partner feel good. Establishing physical contact by touching each other, having oral sex slowly will help to reach orgasm while delaying your own pleasure.

There are other ways to increase sexual stamina, natural medication are also available. Yogisayurveda clinic offers medication to boost sexual performances and have a happy married life without any side effects. The dosage of the medicine depends on the severity of the problem. Based on which the medicines are available in lite, medium and supreme courses.

Lubrication is another vital factors to have the sexual pleasure for long. In a study it is found that having lubrication helps men to last sex longer on bed as compared to those who do not did. When lubrication is applied with condom it needed to be lubricated with water or silicone based lubricant. While using oil based lubricant it decreases the efficacy of condoms.

Many men believe that there partner wants to have too long sex on bed however this is not the case. The usual time for the sexual pleasure is between 3 to 13 minutes where average couple have it for 7.5 minutes. The timing do not include foreplay. However, it is needed to think about the expectation what she wants. To have more pleasure and passion in your sexual performance try to add variation and spontaneity through trying different postures, more foreplay, oral sex along with physical touch to increase sexual stamina along with intercourse.

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