Erectile Dysfuntion / Impotency

Erectile dysfunction/ Impotency is a medical circumstance that implying the fact that a human being is not able to maintain or generate an erection powerful enough for enjoying sex on bed. It can cause lots of issues/problems, some medical conditions or physical conditions and others. Imbalance hormone variations in the human body system or diabetes/sugar problem, pelvic surgery or taking some specific medication are some of the type of physical causes. In another case, sexual abuse in the past in human relationship, erectile dysfunction can also be the result of depression / stress, Smoking, drinking caffeine and alcohol can also be one of the cause of Erectile dysfunction.

Personal lives of most of the humans having this issue are remained disturbed. They always hesitate in asking for medical help and as they don’t discuss about their problem with anyone. Most of the people thinks that this is incurable disease but the fact is that this type of problem can be resolved using natural therapies and Ayurvedic herbal therapy for erectile dysfunction is studied very systematic. One of the solution of Ayurvedic for overcoming erectile dysfunctions, asides from using essential oil and herbs, unexpressed doing little bit changes to our lifestyle & living fit. Eating healthy and proper meals, eliminating smoking completely, avoiding alcoholic drinks and engaging relaxation techniques are highly preferable. Ayurvedic principles also mention the fact that for avoiding ED it is best to have a 4 days break in between sexual acts.

It was seen and proved that Ayurvedic herbal therapy for erectile dysfunction, there are little bit herbs with marvellous results. Some of them even have an aphrodisiac and tonic effect. There solutions are building up by the usage of herbal essential oils. Oils are mainly to be used for penile relaxation which helps the tissue in that area to recover its vitality and to better the flow of blood in body.

As it was proved years back that Ayurvedic herbal therapy is safe and without any reactions. So why ayurvedic treatment of erectile dysfunction is consider best among any solution, It is the best way that the products are indeed totally natural. But selecting erectile dysfunction doctor is major and important task as that doctor should be specialised in Ayurvedic medicines for sexual problems like Dr Sukhjinder Singh Yogi owner of Yogis Ayurveda is one of world famous erectile dysfunction specialist who have treated patients from around the world.