Common Causes and Cure of Depression and Anxiety

Common Causes and Cure of Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety Depression Test – In today’s lifestyle people often get depressed, suffers from headache and get angry. Sometimes these occur due to home or office work. If it remains for short term, nothing wrong, but if it remains for long term it needs to be cured with prescribed medicines.

The major cause of anxiety and depression includes certain life events, unbalanced brain chemistry, poor nutrition, hormone imbalance, heavy metal toxicity and chronic infectious illness. Usually people take medicine to cure the problem but these medicines do not work from on the root of the problem it only gives a relief to the problem for short time. Its recurrence is not prevented and thus, the person slowly loses interest in his life.

If depression and anxiety is due to some life events like loss of spouse or loved one, retirement, or any other such reasons then it do not require any medical treatment. Under such cases it is normal that the person get depressed. These are the emotion that occurs naturally from our inner. And this is essential for every person to feel like that. But if it is not so then it is required to be treated asap. However, the basic centre of depression and anxiety lies in the brain. The condition arises due to the certain hormonal imbalance. In case the harmone is not synthesise in requisite amount or is synthesised excessively under both cases it is problematic. However, the synthesis of hormone is linked up with the presence or absence of amino acid in the body. Herbal medicines works well in these cases by stimulating the pathway of hormone synthesis and regulates the improper function of the organ.  These medicines are formulated from jadibutis and herbs found on earth surface. The significance of these herbs is also mentioned in ancient books as well.

When body get the proper amount of amino acids it help to synthesize neurotransmitter transmitting the signal to the brain to perform its action well.

For example in case of serotonin improper synthesis tryptophan and 5-HTP should be required in adequate amount to perform synthesis process.  However, GABA is also supplement under such cases to ensure the synthesis of serotonin hormone. Similarly, in case of Norepinephrine and epinephrine, amino acid tyrosine is essential. Amino acids are important to control the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

Anxiety  depression test

Anxiety and depression are the two faces of the same problem. Both occur altogether. There are several factors which stimulate these two problems which includes nutritional, psychological, physical, emotional, environmental, social, and spiritual factors, as well as genetic tendencies or brain disease.  The peaceful environment, healthy food, sound sleep and also physical well being required to keep mental peace.

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