What ayurveda says about skin problems

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In Ayurveda the sole treatment for all skin problems lies in minimizing pitta in the body. Pitta means fire and water. It means it has nature of being hot, sharp, spreading, light, oily, penetrating, and liquid. However, within the body pitta function has control over various functions which include:

  • visual perception
  • Digestion, absorption, & assimilation
  • appetite & thirst
  • metabolism
  • coloration
  • cognition, reasoning, & understanding
  • maintenance of body temperature

A disturbance or changes in the normal functioning of these process means that pitta is in imbalance. To combat the elevated pitta level ayurvedic medicines give an easy and right solution.

Increased pitta show various symptoms like heartburn acid indigestion, nausea, or ulcers. As, pitta is present in acid of intestine and stomach an increased pitta leads to high acidity. Ayurevdic medicines act as a cooling agent in the body and helps in minimizing acid effect specifically in the region of stomach and small intestine.

As Pitta is hot due to its hotness a body suffers various symptoms including inflammation, redness, infection, and bleeding as well. Herbal medications are advised to cure the disorder as per the region affected and the causative agent it could be anything like food allergies to chronic stress.. Thus, ayurvedic medicines are categorised on different doses as per the severity or proximity of the disorder. Ayurveda offers a clear solution to the problems like Facial allergies/infection, Chronic skin Allergies.

Facial allergies

Another important function of Pitta is spreading and liquid due to which excess of pitta in blood wants to spreads and expel to other region of the body which leads to conditions like skin rashes, psoriasis, eczema, , acne. To get rid of these disorders one general aspect is to purify blood which is done through the ayurvedic medicines. Yogis ayurveda clinic offers a number of medication which helps in the detoxification and cleansing of the body particularly blood. Purified blood contains the pitta in its appropriate amount and thus, no spreading occurs.

The two main seat of Pitta are liver and small intestine or gastrointestinal tract. With the increased Pitta functioning of both the organ is affected. Increased Pitta in GI leads to diarrhoea in which too much of digestive enzyme is produced and the stool loses its compactness. After having hot, spicy, fermented, and fried food the hotness inside body increases which is the major cause of the increased pitta in GI and , the person suffers from its consequences in form of diarrhoea. Cooling herbs helps to retrieve the normal functioning of the GI.

While increased pitta in liver affects RBC production as it hampers the functioning of liver the person suffer from disorder like anemia. Herbs with cleansing action will help to cure the person from the disorder. Herbal medication are safe to use and do not cause any side effect.

Several disorders like Blackening of Skin, Excessive sweating, Dermatitis, Pruritis, Pricking Pain in Wholebody, Lack of facial glow, and Leucoderma / vitiligo are the few common disorder for which ayurveda has an easy solution. Skin problems can be easily treated with the help of herbs and jadibutis and its significance has been proved in our ancient Vedas as well.

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What do you need for a naturally glowing skin?

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If you want a flawless and glowing skin you must have tried various options.  But have you noticed your lifestyle and daily routine. The major factor that affects your outer glow is the inner thought and well being.  What you think reflects at your outer. For skin problems ayurvedic treatment is best to cure any skin disorder as it do not come with side effect and is safe to use. Ayurveda strongly recommends in internal purity. It works to cleans and purify body internally so that the body can be prepared to fight against various diseases. Detoxification is the major work that ayurveda does.

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In ayurveda ojas is the term coined for body’s internal energy reserves. Plenty of ojas energy is good for physical and emotional well being of the person. When ojas is maintained in good amount it ultimately leads to glowing skin, bright eyes, and silky hair. Along with the physical well being person capable of dealing with stress and other related factors gracefully. When you assimilate nutrients and tackle stress completely it indicates kappa is on work.  Since ojas is associated with kapha, as per ayurveda the other two dosha vata (air) and pitta (fire) also affects ojas. Excess of these two dosha deplets the other third dosha.  The excess of vata means the result of stress, overstimulation, worry, rushing, and lack of sleep. While excess of pitta means overwork, anger, or competition.

However, keeping your mind quite and peaceful is difficult to maintain which leads to the dull face and low skin. skin problems ayurvedic treatment demands to incorporate ayurveda in life people needs to make certain changes in their lifestyle which involve allowing natural ingredients to work as cure of the problem.  It is said that allowing daily routine, smiling and doing a stress free job makes mind peaceful and also helps to relax body.

To makes changes in your lifestyle keeps some important step in your daily routine.

Surround yourself with your loved one atleast at the time of having meal as it helps you in taking food with full pleasure and taste.

Do not feel depressed if a goal is not achieved or your wants are not fulfilled. Feeling low is the major problem which happens with us which is more than a disease and makes us weak both internally and externally.

Ayurvedic Skin Specialist in Chandigarh for skin provides the better solution how to keep skin healthy and glowing.  Yogisayurveda clinic offers medication for all type of disorders. However, depending on the severity or proximity of the disorder medication is categorized into three courses including lite, medium and supreme courses. Skin specialist doctor in Chandigarh at clinic are highly experienced and successfully treated several mild and chronic skin disorders with high success rate.

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Get a Flawless Skin Naturally – How to Get Healthy Skin

For being healthy it is required to have a shield which protects you from the outside world. This work is done by skin. A healthy skin is an indicator of a healthy body. To know how to get healthy skin follow few simple tips and get the best skin type.

Keep yourself hydrated. Skin cells are made up of water and thus it is required to keep it hydrated so that the skin get replenished. Lack of water causes stretchy and dry skin which does not look good.


how to get healthy skin



Avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking is injurious to health which is not mere a slogan written on every drug products but also a fact which destroys life of many men and women. Smoking dries skin and makes it look like a cracked area. So if you are smoking quit now. Ayurvedic medicines are even available which help you in quitting the bad habit. Yogisayurveda clinic offers herbal medicines which keep you to have healthy habit. Ayurvedic vaids provide solution to how to get a healthy skin.

Sun also creates hurdles for a glowing skin. You might have realized that just after few minutes of standing in sun your face fall dull. This is because the UV rays coming from sun makes a coating over the skin which makes it look dull and also damages the skin cell. However, sunlight is essential for all of us but it is recommended to go in front of sun with some protective cover like scarf, glasses, etc.

Exercise not only help to keeps you physically fit but also helps to grow skin cell healthy. After exercise there is much sweat that comes from the body which is good for skin. As it is said sweat contains some enzymes which protects skin form the external agents. And if you are fat then exercise also helps to burn fats and makes you look younger and smart.

Fast food is also an enemy of healthy skin. Having more spicy and oily food will lead to skin breakouts. Pimples upsets you every time. For keeping healthy eating habits and avoid junk foods.

Makeup makes you look good for a time being but it has its side effects. It clogs the pores on skin so that the skin do not get fresh air which is seen in form of pimples . So, every time you put makeup make sure before bedtime it must be removed so that your skin can breathe and get fresh air which gives next morning a fresh and glowing face.

Yogisayurveda clinic in Chandigarh has been serving people since long back with the ayurvedic medicines to keep skin healthy and glowing. Every girl dreams to have a glowing and flawless skin and to get that you need to add some healthy habits in your routine and with the right consultation from health experts one can easily get a flawless skin. IF you are also looking for how to get a healthy skin consult the best ayurvedic vaids in your vicinity.

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