Best Urologist Chandigarh

Best Urologist Chandigarh

Kidney stone is one of the common urinary system problems in people. Ayurveda offers an effective solution to get rid of this problem. Consultation with the Best urologist Chandigarh helps to give relief from the tension of this problem. Basically stone is an accumulation of minerals and waste materials which could not pass through the urine and keep inside the body. On storage of food materials at a common place leads to formation of a shape called as stone which occurs generally in kidney. However, the size of stone may vary from a pin to a large size of a grapefruit. Sometime it pass through the urine and is such a small piece that it is not visible. While in other condition when it gets bigger in size it obstructs the passage of urine and thus causing pain during urination and other symptoms. The common symptoms of kidney stone are as follows

  • Sever pain in side and back at the position below the ribs
  • Pain spreads to lower abdomen and groin
  • Pain while urinating
  • Intensity of pain fluctuates with time. Pain comes in form of waves
  • Color of urine gets changes. Urines comes out in red, pink and brown colors
  • Urine smells cloudy or foul
  • Vomity and nausea
  • A continuous urge to urinate
  • Urinating more times than the normal
  • Fever and chill
  • Urination in small amount

The above symptoms are the common in kidney however, the intensity if these symptoms may vary with the position of stone inside the body. As the stone enters into kidney it increase the intensity of pain and patient feel discomfort for the day.

The basic cause of kidney stone is unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Intake of spicy food
  • Heavy physical work.
  • Long time exposure to sunlight.
  • Excessive intake of alcoholic beverages
  • Reduced intake of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • High consumption of meat, fish and poultry food items
  • Drinking too little water
  • Suppressing urge to pee and poop.

In mild cases it can be treated with lite ayurvedic medicines with the increasing severity of the problems the course of the medicines changes from mild to supreme. Consultation of best urologist Chandigarh gives a relief to patient worrying about the disorder. The ayurvedic treatment of kidney stone involves the use of diuretics and stone dissolving herbs. The medicine helps in 76cleansing of body internally and rejuvenating the cells to perform its function normally. A change in the lifestyle also required for treating stone. Healthy eating habits help to cure the problem.

Stone formation occurs only when the body could not release all the waste from the body and some left inside to get accumulated. This accumulation leads to stone formation. Ayurvedic medicines keep the body metabolism under control and helps in releasing toxins from the body. It cleans the body so that no waste gets accumulated and prevents stone formation. This is the reason why ayurveda is one of the highly recommended sciences to treat diseases. Added advantage of being a safe medicine with no side effect differ it from other sources of treatment. The Best urologist Chandigarh provides ayurvedic solution to treat various urinary system disorders.

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