Sexual disorder can be a problem to anyone of us. People feel mostly shy to talk about their problems. They are hesitant to visit doctor to treat sexual disorders. But without doctors consultation problem cannot be solved and it is required for the patient to discuss about their problem frankly to the health care practitioner. Men do not get complete satisfaction for sexual activity. However, there are medicines available to treat the disorder formulated from herbs and jadibutis. Ayurvedic medicines for sex do best in these cases and have no side effects. So, most of person opt for herbal treatment. Loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, nightfall problems, infertility are the various problem found in men which can be treated with the herbal medicines. With the right consultation and lifestyle change one can get back to the normal lifestyle and can enjoy their sexual performance with complete satisfaction.

Some of the food items that work as ayurvedic medicines for sex are discussed here:

  • Some of the healthy food that boost your sexual; power include Pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts and almonds works as natural stimulant for sexual performance. These are rich in amino acid and thus increase the blood flow in the genital organs.
  • Another sex booster is oyster which regulates the function of prostate gland and enhances testosterone secretion. This food item is a good source of zinc.

Sexuality is an important aspect of both men and women life. Even in the ancient book charak samhita sexuality has been discussed with its disorders and solutions are also offered in the book. Ayurveda says that couple should take gap between dinner and intercourse. It says that atleast two hours rest is required for both the partner to get ready having sex, as at this period kapha dosha is on and works well. Along with this other factors like touch, smells, food, ambiance and music also affect the sexual pleasure achieved by both partners. However ayurvedic medicines for sex do well for the couple to have a long time sex with full stimulation and excitement.

Yogisayurveda provides ayurvedic medicines for sex some of them are listed below:

To treat premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction medicines are available in lite, medium and supreme courses.

According to ayurveda sexual disorder occurs due to an aggravated vata in which body immunity weakens and person is more vulnerable emotionally. Person feels fearfull and if pitta is increased inside body it leads to frustration and anger. Another consequence of an aggravated vata are jealousy and possessiveness for the partner. Every dosh is associated with the sexual phenomenon as well. Thus, ayurveda also offers solution to all type of disorders. Herbal medicines are made from the naturally found herbs and jadibutis other than the other medicines it do not cause any side effect to he body. It triggers sexual performance with good health.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Sex should be taken under the guidance of the experienced ayurvedic vaidya who have been working since long in the field as the experiences helps to give the better result.

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