De-stress yourself with few simple steps

De-stress yourself with few simple steps

At present time we all lead a stressful life whether it is about home or office. The consequences of having long term stress lead to many diseases and premature aging. High level of stress leads to the production of free radicals in large amount which is the major cause of falling sick. However, ayurveda offers an ultimate solution to combat with the day to day hassle and yourself.

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When we face high stress problem for long term it affects our metabolic function and organ systems like digestive system, the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, the reproductive system, and the immune system. Weight imbalance is also one of the negative impact of stress on our body. Some of the healthy habits helps to reduce stress and get back to stress free life includes:

Slow down the pace of your work. In this busy lifestyle it is quite difficult to do so. But when it started you will start getting the positive energy and thus encouraged to do so. To begin with it first manage some time to be in peace, free, still, quiet and think about self nourishment. It helps a lot in balancing stress in your life.

Self care and love is a beautiful part of life which all of us need to practice. It includes taking adequate rest, and other nourishing activities get a feeling of satisfaction which also helps in lowering of stress factor.

Taking regular bath relaxes the body. It soothes nervous system, quiet mind and releases tension from the mind for some time. For best result add 1/3 cup of ginger powder and 1/3 cup of baking soda in bathing water. In case to release body from kapha and vata use hot water bath while for pitta dosh use warm water. Adding Epsom salt also help to clean and relax body.

Oil pulling also helps to de stress body. It helps to relax teeth and gums. Swishing and gargling with warm, untoasted sesame oil or coconut oil reduces tension of jaw and improves taste buds functioning. It also helps to removes natural toxins from the mouth, teeth, and gums.

Do regular exercise which help to move parts of the body and thus, enhances flow of blood. Taking a deep breathe help to keep you calm and balance.

Meditation is another good practice which helps to destress your mind and soul internally and help to lead a peaceful and happy life.

Along with the above discussed work, right medication and consultation from an experienced vaidya is essential to de stress yourself. Yogisayurveda provides the best solution to keep you calm and relaxed with the medication and right consultation from the experienced vaidya. The medications are available in different courses as per the severity and chronocity of the disorder. These available courses include lite, medium, supreme gold and platinum courses. These ayurvedic medicines are made from naturally occurring herbs and jadibutis which do not have any side effect to the body. These are safe to use and highly recommended these days to de stress yourself.

Rejuvenate Your Mind and Soul With Ayurveda


Rejuvenate Mind Soul Ayurveda –  Ayurveda is ancient and provides cure to the various health ailments. The major role of ayurveda in is to provides protection to body to fight against diseases and slow down the aging process. In one word ‘Rejuvenation’ is the term which can best describe what ayurveda do in our life.

The medicines produced from the herbs and jadibutis gives the power to enhance immunity of the body to fight against harmful pathogens. According to ayurveda Rasayan provides complete nourishment for growth and functioning of the body. Rejuvenation specifically refers to slow down aging process and making one feel young and energetic. To get rejuvenated rasayan therapy is required. Ayurveda comprises of many branches where rasayan forms the eight branch of ayurveda. The word comprises of two individual term rasa and ayana where rasa refers to juice, essence, emotion etc and ayana refers to path. Rasayan helps person to restore its spirit and vitality and thus enhances his/her life expectancy. Longetivity is attained after rejuvenating the body. Ayurveda clearly says that rejuvenation increases life span of a person to many years. Rasayan therapy is recommended for elderly, pregnant women, post partum, for children, those who are convalescents, debilitated, nervous exhaustion, emaciated, for anaemia, and Vata conditions.

Panchkarma is the ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy which help to detoxify body and cleans the impurities so that the person feel young and rejuvenated with new energy and soul. In today’s environment our life is so much stressed out that we forget to smile everyday. Happiness is the real medicine of a disorder. If you feel happy you can fight against the disease. And, for being happy you require a healthy mind and soul residing inside body.
Some of the benefits of rejuvenation are listed below

• Keep you feel young and agile
• Preserve health and increases ife span.
• Enhances mental capability along with physical power as well
• Adds a healthy glow to skin and improves complexion as rasayans contains antioxidants
• Enhance immunity of body to fight against diseases
• Enhances functioning of sense organs

To get the right consultation of the rasayan yogisayurveda clinic is available to serve people of all ages coming from any caste or creed. The vaidya offering consultation and medication at clinic are highly experienced and have been serving patient with the ayurvedic treatment since decades back. The medicines are available under different courses depending on the severity and chronocity of the problem. These medicines are available in lite, medium, supreme gold and platinum courses which is provided to patients as per the level or stages of the disorder.

Ayurvedic Cure for fungal infection

Antifungal medicines are designed to control fungus overgrowth inside our body. It helps to control parasitic activity going inside the body. Along with anti-parartic property it also promotes the growth of intestinal flora inhabiting our body which are involved in various metabolic processes.

Ringworm, dermatophytosis or tinea infections are the common fungal infection found in human being. Under such circumstances there is burst of the skin infection from one region to another. The infection is accompanied with patches on skin either in circular shape or in other shape which is further followed by itchy skin as well. These type of skin infection are coming since long. As the descriptions of such infections are also present in our ancient ayurvedic books which include Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita.

In present era these type of infections referred with a common name called dermatophytosis which is caused by dermatophytes. Common symptoms of identification of ringworm and tinea infection are circular form of infection caused over skin with an elevated edge. In some cases infection occurs in form of multiple plaques. The common symptoms of these infections are itching and burning sensation over skin. Ayurveda offers solution to all these infections, so that the infection can be removed completely from the body. Yogisayurveda clinic offers medicine to patient suffering from fungal infection. The consultation and medication is done from experienced vaid who has been working in the areas since decades ago. Along with the right medication, changes in diet are also recommended to keep body free from two dosha which are Kapha and Pitta.

Infection usually occurs after having heavy fast foods, food items in wrong combination, taking sour curd and milk, and excessive amount of black gram.

To cure the disease regular cleaning, washing and right medication is essential. Along with it some important points are mentioned below:

  • Do not use others used towels or clothes
  • In case of hair infection use only clean comb
  • Use warm water to maintain hygiene
  • Regular bathing to keep body free from microbes
  • Do regular exercise to enhance immunity
  • Eats healthy and easy to digest food items
  • Turmeric, curry leaves, cinnamon, cardamom proves
  • Take sound sleep for long hours

Food items need to be avoided

  • Oily food, fast food
  • Cold water
  • Dust and contaminant coming from air or other sources
  • Overeating
  • Spicy food and slimy food items

The fungal infection can be caused at any age. To avoid such occurrence it is required to keep yourself clean and tidy. Herbal medicines do miracle in such cases. The infection is called with different names depending on the part of the body it affects. The medicines are available in difference courses depending on the severity and chronocity of the infection or disorder. The medicines are available in lite, medium, supreme gold and platinum courses. Ayurvedic medicines are safe to use as it do not cause any side effect to the body.

What does detoxification means?

Whether you avoid eating health hazardous foods or spend thousands of penny on purifying your body from harmful toxins, a detoxification unit is always required to keep your body healthy and free from the health hazardous factors. And the good news is that a detoxification system is always working inside our body. This cleaning function is performed by our liver. Our body have everything what is required for a healthy living system. But, it is not designed to tackle health problems occurring in this present scenario. In today’s life it is not only the food and drink that we eat are contaminated but the air we breathe is also filled with harmful pollutant that causes serious health problems. In the current year (2016) itself after deepawali the pollutant percent in air is found much above the safety measures. Its reaches to such an extent that it hampers sunlight entering the earth surface in regions of Delhi, NCR. Under such circumstance it is required to have a detox system in our body which prevents us from its harmful effects or to avoid intake of toxin substances to keep body free from toxins. Herbal medicines are designed to provide a supporting system to detox organ system. It helps to give rest to the organ and then rejuvenate it to perform a better function.

What does detoxification means?

These medicines are available in different courses as per the chronocity of the problem. As per the severity of the illness the medicines are available in lite, medium and platinum courses. Along with the medication it is required that the patient should take care of their living habit also like intake of smog, car exhaust, pollutants coming from factories. Along with the medicines some nutrients may also helps to boost the working of the detoxification system. A healthy eating habit always help to keep your body rejuvenated to treat any problem and have maintains a strong detoxification system. Our body has a self regulatory mechanism which helps to treat any health disorder of its own if it is working efficiently.

When you are under the effect of toxins following symptoms may be found in patients:

  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Headaches
  • Low energy
  • Brain fog
  • Skin rashes
  • Weight gain and hormonal imbalance

Yogisayurveda clinic is one of the trusted and recommended health care centres for thousands of patients to get an easy recovery from the health ailments like detoxification without any side effects. Ayurveda deals in curing problem from its roots so that the recurrence of the problem can be prevented.  A step towards creating a clean and toxin free atmosphere is also required to keep the society free from this health hazardous contaminants. So for next time when you burn crackers remember you do not create problem for yourself and your loved ones. Celebrate your festival with lights and cleanliness rather than creating a health hazardous situation for all.

Common Causes and Cure of Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety Depression Test – In today’s lifestyle people often get depressed, suffers from headache and get angry. Sometimes these occur due to home or office work. If it remains for short term, nothing wrong, but if it remains for long term it needs to be cured with prescribed medicines.

The major cause of anxiety and depression includes certain life events, unbalanced brain chemistry, poor nutrition, hormone imbalance, heavy metal toxicity and chronic infectious illness. Usually people take medicine to cure the problem but these medicines do not work from on the root of the problem it only gives a relief to the problem for short time. Its recurrence is not prevented and thus, the person slowly loses interest in his life.

If depression and anxiety is due to some life events like loss of spouse or loved one, retirement, or any other such reasons then it do not require any medical treatment. Under such cases it is normal that the person get depressed. These are the emotion that occurs naturally from our inner. And this is essential for every person to feel like that. But if it is not so then it is required to be treated asap. However, the basic centre of depression and anxiety lies in the brain. The condition arises due to the certain hormonal imbalance. In case the harmone is not synthesise in requisite amount or is synthesised excessively under both cases it is problematic. However, the synthesis of hormone is linked up with the presence or absence of amino acid in the body. Herbal medicines works well in these cases by stimulating the pathway of hormone synthesis and regulates the improper function of the organ.  These medicines are formulated from jadibutis and herbs found on earth surface. The significance of these herbs is also mentioned in ancient books as well.

When body get the proper amount of amino acids it help to synthesize neurotransmitter transmitting the signal to the brain to perform its action well.

For example in case of serotonin improper synthesis tryptophan and 5-HTP should be required in adequate amount to perform synthesis process.  However, GABA is also supplement under such cases to ensure the synthesis of serotonin hormone. Similarly, in case of Norepinephrine and epinephrine, amino acid tyrosine is essential. Amino acids are important to control the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

Anxiety  depression test

Anxiety and depression are the two faces of the same problem. Both occur altogether. There are several factors which stimulate these two problems which includes nutritional, psychological, physical, emotional, environmental, social, and spiritual factors, as well as genetic tendencies or brain disease.  The peaceful environment, healthy food, sound sleep and also physical well being required to keep mental peace.

A natural and effective way for body cleansing

Detoxification and cleansing  process always going inside our body. But sometimes there is need to perform some extra cleaning activity to keep your body healthy. At present we inhale much of the polluted air which our body is not able to clean effectively. This keep your body clean but you also need to do something. Some of the harmful chemicals are discussed below from which we should always avoid.

Here discussing some of the harmful Air pollutants found in our environment

Phthalates are the harmful chemicals found in air fresheners, fragrances, dish soap, toilet paper, etc. It lead to certain serious health problems like asthma, hormone imbalance, developmental issues (undescended testicles, hypospadias), lowers sperm counts, allergies, cancer. It also enhances the occurrence of breast cancer.

Perchloroethylene (PERC) is known to cause dizziness, headaches, skin irritation. It has carcinogenic property. It is found in spot removers, dry cleaning solutions, carpet cleaners, etc.

Most of the antibacterial soaps, detergents and hand sanitizes contain Triclosan which is again a carcinogen. It also promotes growth of drug-resistant bacteria, and hampers endocrine functioning.

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QUATS) is similar to triclosan which promotes the growth of  drug-resistant bacteria, and causes skin and respiratory irritation. It is found in antibacterial items, and fabric softener (liquid and sheets),

2-Butoxyethanol is a serious pollutant that directly damages the function of liver and kidney. It is commonly found in window, kitchen, and multipurpose cleaners. Because of its toxicity its use is banned in Europe.

Chlorine causes respiratory irritant and affects thyroid functioning. It is found in toilet bowl cleaners and mildew removers.

Diethylene glycol affects the functioning of nervous system. It is known to acts as depressant for nervous system. It is commonly found in window cleaners.

Butyl Cellosolve ( Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether) is  a harmful pollutant that get easily absorbed by skin and causes damage to bone marrow. The pollutant is found in all-purpose window cleaners. It is toxic to kidney, liver and nervous system.

Alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE) is found in laundry detergents, disinfectants, laundry stain removers, citrus cleaner/degreasers. The chemical is found to be linked with estrogen sensitive breast cancer.  On biodegradation it breaks into chemicals which resembles estrogen.

To keep yourself free from these pollutanst or to lower down the toxicity of these chemicals effective cleansing solution should be taken in action. Like drinking lemon juice will help to lowers the toxic effect of the harmful pollutant. Taking ayurvedic medicines help to clean the entire organ system deeply. Yogisayurveda clinic offers herbal medicines which help in body cleansing to give a physically fit and active body.

The medicines offered by vaid Sukhjinder Singh Yogi is categorised into different courses which include lite, medium, supreme gold and platinum courses. These medicines are formulated as per the severity and chronocity of the problem patient is facing with. Body cleansing is required for everyone to keep the toxin away from body.

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