Sex Specialist Doctor in India

Sex Specialist Doctor in India

sex specialist doctor in India


With the growing days sexual disorders are creating problems in couple’s marriage. The best way to get rid of these sexual problems is to discuss your problem with the sex specialist doctor in India in your locality. Ayurveda paves a way to the couples to live a happy life with pleasure. In ayurveda your ayurvedic vaiday provides problem to all solution at one place however in other conventional sources of treatment for different problem you need to consult different doctors associated with the respective stream.

In these days the most common reason found among population for sexual problem is psychological issues. Stress and depression hampers people’s health. With a stressed partner the other partner does not feel happy. To enjoy marriage both the partner needs to be in relaxed state and in harmony to each other.

One of the major sexual problem found in male is erectile dysfunction where male fails to achieve erection during sexual performances. In U.S.A in a survey conducted in1994 it is estimated that 39% of impotency is found in male with age of 40 yr. However, among women this rate increase to 67% at the age of  70yrs. Sex specialist doctor in India lays emphasis on ayurvedic medicines. They are very much concerned about the treatment and they provoke an ayurvedic medicine which purifies the body internally and make it fit to fight against the diseases.

In france, it is found that a male at the age of 40yrs the impotency rate is about 1 in every three male are impotent. This data is published in a leading scientific paper. Sexual problem is prevalent all around the world. These occur in various forms. In Canada prostate cancer is more common sexual problem in male. As reported during the year 2012.

Moving to other areas of the world it is estimated that Australia is affected with about 1 milliom males with erectile dysfunction. It is a very common disorder amonrg other sexual disorders.

Again Russia reports about 90% of cases of erectile dysfunction among the whole population. In India people can easily get the treatment from yogisayurveda clinic in Chandigarh about their sexual disorders.  A number of sex disorder cases has been resolved by vaidyas at yogisayurveda clinic. A patient suffering with various type of sexual disorders involving,very low testosterone levels, belly button pain, low semen values with pus cells, higher E2 levels, indigestion, anger, lossnes in both testis, petrol colour urine, typhoid has been treated within 1month with increase in testosterone, lower E2, increased semen.cleansing, detoxification , rejuvenation, ant blockage, d-stress, protocols are recommendation to patient according to the chronicity of stages/diseases. The patient is now 80% recovered and happy with his life and his tension is also reduced. Thus, along with the right medication it is essential to get consultation from the best sex specialist doctor in India who knows the problem well so that the patient get an easy recovery without any side effect. Depending on the severity of the disorder patient is advised with the different courses of medication which include lite, medium and supreme courses.


Our All Products are purely Ayurvedic/ Herbal, Non-intoxicant.No Side effects and ISO certified. Check Seal/Hollogram before opening medicine.

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