Nocturnal emission Supreme Course (Week)

Nocturnal emission Supreme Course (Week)


Nocturnal emission : Seminal discharge during sleep called nocturnal emission. Frequent nocturnal emission occur due to weak nerves of genital region, congested prostate gland and poor emotional health there are primary  cause of nocturnal emission in men . nightfall leads to weakness , smell in semen, pain in testes , constipation . also too much masturbation ,self stimulation for getting aroused few times in say through erotic reading material. Apart from this side effects of medicines like sedatives, tranquilizer , and certain hypertension medication can raise weak nerves to work as cause of nocturnal emission in men to much alcohol, excessive smoking using tobacco in large quantity also leads to it .

Supreme Course Price:- ₹ 4800/week and 90KD Oil 5900/Week

Shipping (For Abroad) : $40 (upto 1/2 Kg)
Shipping (For Abroad) : $15 (For Extra)
In India Rs.200 (Speedpost/Courier)
Cash On Delivery Charges in Metro Cities : $6

*Condition apply

  1. Result varies from patient to patient
  2. Result varies with weight loss and inch loss
  3. Result varies depending on stage of disease/problems
  4. If you have any other problem or disease please do mention


Important Notes

1. All our products are self patent.
2. All our products/Medicine work at micro circulatory channels to give better bio availability.
3. Results varies from patient to patient.
4. Cost and duration of treatment varies from patient to patient.
5. None of our medicines are intoxicants nor harmful. These can be taken in any season/country/age. These are purely Ayurvedic/Herbal.
6. Our head office is at Chandigarh only. Beware of immitators using identical name, number & photo.
7. For any query just fill Questioner on our site. We will revert you soon or you may e-mail/call us.


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Our All Products are purely Ayurvedic/ Herbal, Non-intoxicant.No Side effects and ISO certified. Check Seal/Hollogram before opening medicine.

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