Ayurvedic medicine for sex

Ayurvedic medicine for sex

“TAKAT DA TOHFA”?? a Ayurvedic medicine for sex problems

It is World Class Ayurvedic Medicine for sexx for Energy, Revitality, Rejuvenation. It improves stamina and confidence and Happy Married Life for Pretty Long Period.

Present Age

Ayurvedic Medicine for Sex – Though we call the present age a modern era, yet it is not disease free. Various types of sex and health related, Digestive, stress and alcoholism problems are afflicting and tormenting the health of the modern citizens. Diseases are rampant almost every where. The Principal reason for this is that our diet has not remained balanced one. We have forsaken the rich diets like milk, butter, lassi and buttermilk. Now we prefer to take spicy roasted dishes, which not only upset the stomach and Digestive system but also arouse accentuated sex-hunger? Moreover, intoxicated and stimulated food digest very shrely and grant adverse effect on body and create disorders in our nervous system.

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Why this change?

This deteriorating state of our physical system is the direct consequence of our adoption of the western ways and behavior by forgetting our older cultural ways behavior, wholesome food. Like westerner they have become addicted to alcoholic  drinks and intoxicants and have lost their physical as well as mental balance to maximum extent also leading a stressful life.

ayurvedic medicine sex problems

Why we are unable to control??

Why this sad state of affairs is happening? The reasons are not far to seek. Our Youngman by taking excessive intoxicants or by witnessing nude and indulging in haphazard sexual relationships . Our Young men are also so mad or crazy as they are unable to control on their senses. Ultimately they get involved into masturbation (hand practice), Homosex, Multi sex partners, frequent change of sex partners.


It is a rejuvenating medicine, Herbal/Ayurvedic treatment for chronic health, sex, loss of libido and semen problems.

It improves blood circulation  in body to energise both ways physically and sexually.

It is a supreme treatment/course for Problems in chronic stages.


For those with very less, thin, poor quality semen or with any such problems or childless couples.

azoospermia (nil sperm) , oligospermia refers to semen with a low concentration of sperm and is a common finding in male infertility. Often semen with a decreased sperm concentration may also show significant abnormalities in sperm morphology and motility (technically “oligoasthenoteratozoospermia”).

There has been interest in replacing the descriptive terms used in semen analysis with more quantitative information. for better results use HSY/SSY 103 GOLD. semen with adequate quantity of active 80% motality & 110-150 million counts always gives birth to a healthy child, patients having pus cells 3-15 (approx. ) chronic infections in semen, pain in testies are adviced to get their semen test done after 7 days of abstinence ( for 7 days no Intercourse).


Patient having pus cells or culture infection in semen are advised not to take medicine to increase semen it may increase the infection or swelling in testis .”

These patient to are advised to get ASAB(Anti sperm antibody) bood test and bring reports to us.

HSY /SSY 103

It is used to resolve and regain power for sexual problem before or after marriage. It come in 21 tablets packs.

Honeymoon special courses 103G, 103 J for prolong pleasure , excitement, loss of libido ,weak erections , low semen volume.

It is a platinum treatment/course for Problems in chronic stages.


Childness, loss of health, fatigue, disappointment on face, black spots around eyes, yellow face, loss of blood, leucorrhaea, mensuration excessive or again & again/ irregularly.

In males dhaat in urine(spermatorrhora), night falls (Nocturnal emission)


Impotency, nil or dead sperms in semen, pre-mature ejaculations, weak & poor erection, unable to satisfy, hatred to enjoy family life due to ills in young age.

It is a lite treatment/course for Problems in early stages.

HSY/SSY 90-K Special (Kesar Oil)

For very weak erections, Weak development of the male sex organ, Weak circulation of blood due to ills of childhood. For treatment of very small, squeezed thin, bend male organ penis & other problems.

It is a special formulation processed in Saffron (Kashmiri Kesar) which possess Aphrodiesic properties which enhances blood circulation and growth in Penis.

HSY/SSY – 8F Kesar Special

For better & fast result to increase the size of male organ for ½” to 3” inches & girth increase.

HSY/SSY – 90KD Kesar Special

For better & fast result in diabetic, Nil erections, Shrinkage (Shortening of size.)


For Hormonal imbalance in males, poor erections in morning and good result in Azoospermia.


It is a platinum course of medicine for premature ejaculations , Chronic sex weakness for speed Recovery.

107 S – Anti Block

This Medicine is used for the blockages, hard tender Abdomen, belly button Pain, Chronic Infection in stool/Abdomen.

Note: For Chronic problems use 107 B special


This Medicine is used in chronic acidity, Indigestion, chronic Constipation, gastritis, flatulence, Gas, Chronic Dharan, Blockages , Hard Tender Abdomen, swelling abdomen.

Note : For Chronic Problems use 101E Special

Special Honeymoon Course

Our Platinum course 111K Special & 3 K Kesar Special for fast recovery in weakness, awesome pleasure and power full ejaculation.

Skin Course
7S – It is use for acute/ chronic infection in blood lead to skin problems, acne, pimples, facial allergies.

Note : For other skin problems VIZ Blacking of skin, Excessive Sweating, pruritis, Eczema, Psoarisis Needle/Pricking pain in whole body, lack of facial glow, leucorderma.

(Kidney/ Stones)

R Cure : It is used for chronic Renal/Kidney Stones.

Stones in kidney , ureter , urinary bladder.

Our All Products are purely Ayurvedic/ Herbal, Non-intoxicant.No Side effects and ISO certified. Check Seal/Hollogram before opening medicine.