Yogis Ayurveda Research R & D

Clinical Achievements with Clinical Evidences

  • We reduce higher levels of female hormones E2,Prolactin,AMH in males which gradually increase Testosterone in male for healthy sexual life 90% success rate.
  • Higher levels of ASAB(Antibodies) in males for sexual and infertility in males 90% success rates.
  • Underdeveloped sexual organ, lack of hair growth, absence of beared and moustaches till puberty in males (Gynecomastia ) 70% success rates.
  • Varicocele of both testis grade 3 & 4 reduces to grade 1 without surgery and increase in semen from active 5% to 60%. 90% success rates.
  • 70 to 80 puscells in semen & cuture infection cases treated successfully with clinical evidence.
  • Height increases from 1/2 to 3 inches from 18 age on words 70% success rates.
  • Chronic gastritis Indigestion, hard tender abdomen, acidity (Patients taking & antacid tablets from 16 to 20 years) 70% successfully treated.
  • Large number of patients with regular nightfalls from last 12 to 14 years of problem treated successfully in 2 months.
  • With in 3-4 weeks patients with overweight lose 2 to 9 kg,1 to 3 inch lose without skin losing 90% success rate.
  • We have successfully cured patients from 12 to 94 years. We have proofs of testimonials.

Our All Products are purely Ayurvedic/ Herbal, Non-intoxicant.No Side effects and ISO certified. Check Seal/Hollogram before opening medicine.

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